Organize your office professionally: an underrated profession

Organize your office professionally: an underrated profession

Organize your office professionally: an underrated profession

Offices and business spaces come in all sorts of scents and tastes. From inspiring, sleek meeting rooms to shadowy, office-fueled-smelling offices next to the workshop in the car garage. What many entrepreneurs with poorly maintained office spaces do not realize is that the appearance and professionalism of your layout of that office space is becoming increasingly important for customers and suppliers.

Good furnishing is added value

In a world where you can arrange almost everything online, it is increasingly the peripheral matters that drive customers to come to a company office. You can book your holiday online, you can simply have your car picked up at home for maintenance and you can switch with a supplier or client much faster via Skype than you have to physically come for coffee.

This fact, in combination with the knowledge that more and more people are self-employed and therefore have a home office, can lead to the misconception that having a sleek office space is no longer important. However, the opposite is true: a good layout of your office can be an enormous added value for your company, whether it is a small home office or a larger office space with a few employees.

Your office as a mirror of your working method

People tend to see your environment as a mirror of your character. Many people are convinced that anyone who keeps a sloppy desk will also work sloppy. That doesn't have to be the case, of course, but for many customers, clients and suppliers it makes a world of difference – consciously or unconsciously – whether they enter a sleek, beautifully finished business space or into a poorly maintained draft hole. So ask yourself: what impression do I want customers or business relations to have of me?

Office - chaos

Your office in order

As soon as you have the answer to that question, you can start with the optimal design of your office or business space. A common misconception is that the layout of your business space is completely irrelevant for certain industries, such as the automotive industry. An office in a car garage can be ramshackle and a bit dirty, because cars are being worked on all day, right? The truth is that the lion's share of your customers greatly appreciate it if, for example, the car garage also has a nice, clean reception area where you can sit comfortably with your Sunday clothes. So don't let erroneous assumptions cloud the answer to the question of what impression you want to make.

Professional decor

Once you know what impression you want to make, you can make an inventory of the equipment that is needed. If you have a marketing agency, you may want to prominently display your best commercial communications. And if you have a car garage, you may want to emphasize the safety aspect. In that case, show your customers that you have emergency response equipment, fire extinguishers and visible safety regulations.

Make sure that your office or business space ultimately breathes what you stand for. Or that now safety is, or creativity, or something completely different: the right furnishing is fairly easy to put together for every style.

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