(Emerce) Gamification as a marketing tool


The advance of gamification is making its way from HR to more and more marketing applications: branding, loyalty and revenue. By definition, gamification leads to more engagement. How can the link from gamification to brand experience be made in a way that really appeals to the consumer?

HR Gamification

Many gamification applications target employees or potential employees. To indicate that games are not the opposite of work, the term serious games Setting up. Serious game is a game with a purpose other than primary entertainment. With HR you can think of awareness, behavioral change and transfer of information. Experience is the keyword.

Deep experience also influences intrinsic motivation. More and more games focus on behaviour: 120,000 civil servants learn to deal more consciously with the risks associated with digital information with the game LEK! from MAD Multimedia. Gaming officials may not sound like a good investment at first, until you calculate the alternative of training those same 120,000 officials through workshops.

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