Looking for a gift for your husband? 6 online shop tips

Looking for a gift for your husband? 6 online shop tips

Looking for a gift for your husband? 6 online shop tips

Most visitors to Bloeise are almost feminine. And to look at online marketing from a practical side - that of the shopping consumer - we look at how you can shop most efficiently when you are looking for a gift for your husband.

The gift for him

Men are practical. If they need something, they will buy it themselves. And you can come back with those standard gifts such as aftershave, that funny T-shirt, a bottle of wine or that new book by that one new writer. But you also want to give him something original. And then also something that he can use. So three super tips to find the perfect gift for him:

  1. What is he always talking about? That could be an interest, his hobby, an irritation or a question he struggles with. Since men usually don't talk that much, that quickly reveals his passion, right?
  2. Check out his Facebook page. What does he often share? Is he a Star Wars geek, a foodie, a bear geek, a big kid or the serious businessman? What you often share on your Facebook page says something about how you see yourself.
  3. What adventure does he like to experience? It is scientifically proven: experiences make you more happy than things. From skydiving on Texel, a beer tasting (that's neatly called a tasting), to an escape room, bush craft workshop or clay pigeon shooting: your husband will be happier.

Don't know yet? On Radbag.nl you will find categories for gifts for men, such as Active, Drinking Buddy or Gadgets Enthusiast. For inspiration, a small selection of gifts for men for a number of categories that Radbag.nl has:

  • Small gift: magnetic beer tree for beer caps, world map to scratch, retro arcade games mini console and the Star Wars Death Star Lamp with 3D effect.
  • Gadget Enthusiast: minipresso: a compact espresso machine for on the go, Bluetooth speaker, touchscreen gloves and mobile chargers in various models.
  • big kidFeatures: Luminous unicorn slippers, candy grabber candy machine, R2D2 cookie jar with sound, cat piggy bank and mini zombie garden gnomes.

From webshop to happy man – 6 online shopping tips

The following six online shopping tips will help you efficiently and quickly buy the right gift for your man:

  1. Looking for inspiration? Surf anonymously. You visit different sites to get ideas, and suddenly those red sneakers start chasing you everywhere, even though you've already decided not to buy them. 'Remarketing' that's called. (Here you can read how to do that yourself via Facebook). You can prevent that by surfing anonymously: SHIFT + CTRL + N in Chrome and in IE (or Edge) via menu to New InPrivate window.
  2. Check the webshop for safety. Unfortunately, you will not be the first to disappoint her husband because a webshop is lighting things up. Check whether: the site has secure payment traffic (a green lock at the URL), payment via iDEAL is possible, whether (real) reviews are also shown, any guarantee or quality mark (such as Thuiswinkel.org) and Google for site name + complaint . Doubt? Use Consuwijzer's Online ShopScan.
  3. Select gift: use all webshop options. nl offers decision aid and all possible product information, with which you can choose exactly your gift. Then you know the exact product and you can find the best deal via, for example, Compare.nl. Feel free to open new windows so that you quickly have all the information at hand.
  4. Real reviews. The Crosley record player is REALLY the worst product you can buy for a record lover (scratches on your record, poor quality sound etc). Yet there are rave reviews on Bol.com. Because they are just bought. Therefore, check a larger number of reviews, or check different sites, so that you get a really objective picture.

Bol com real review Crossley record player Bol com fake review Crossley record player

  1. Compare on the real price. Pay close attention to the well-known instincts: prices must include VAT and compare providers on the prices that are shown at checkout. At one webshop, delivery is free of € 20 and the other simply charges extra administration costs.
  2. Right time, right packaging. Delivery at the office or at the holiday destination is all possible. Some webshops also offer the option of festive packaging, which is handy if you are not a packing princess yourself. Surprise your man on the right man and with the right packaging.

This was one of the first lifestyle articles on Bloeise with a practical consumer approach.
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