Gift trends for 2020: sustainable, useful and innovative

gift trends 2020 - robot vacuum cleaner

Gift trends for 2020: sustainable, useful and innovative

With autumn approaching, the Netherlands is slowly preparing itself for a beautiful collection of themed and holidays. For the first time this year it is Prime Day in the Netherlands, Amazon's self-invented international holiday on which you can score high discounts on their website. We will write, according to the latest rumours, in mid-October. This is followed by Black Friday, Sinterklaas and of course Christmas. A lot of things will be different this year from other years, but there is no doubt that we will also want to surprise and spoil each other in 2020 with fun and original gifts. But what will be the gift trends this fall?

Sustainable, useful and innovative

This year, Dutch consumers will mainly go for gifts that are sustainable, useful and innovative – especially if it is gifts for him concern. 'Disposable gifts' are on the decline, if only to reduce the amount of plastic waste. Gifts should last a long time and preferably add something to the lives of our loved ones – something innovative.

It is also an important fact that major shopping this year, much more than other years, will mainly take place online. An important part of consumers will avoid shops, especially if they are (too) busy. Online shopping is generally different than when you stroll along the shelves of the Xenos; online shoppers are more likely to look for a gift with a clear function than something that 'just' looks nice.

Okay, so sustainable gifts that serve a clear purpose and fit in with the modern age. But what should you think about? We have listed five great suggestions for you.

The smart doorbell

The gadget that almost everyone wants to have: the smart doorbell! The best known is of course the Ring, but then you also immediately talk about an expensive option. Smart doorbells come in all kinds of price categories, with different options. With a microphone and speaker, for example, or without. Anyway: the old-fashioned doorbell is slowly disappearing from the streets.

What makes smart doorbells extra handy: most of them work on a battery and you can connect wirelessly via WiFi, so you are free of cables for good. Just screw to your frame and you're done. That's the more fun job.

Tracking tags

A gift that is both useful and funny gift falls: a tracking tag. Especially a nice gift for that one uncle who always loses his keys (or his cat). You hang the tag on your key ring, in your dog's collar or in your adolescent's wallet, and you can see where the tag is via your phone.

The robot vacuum cleaner

Ten years ago, this was typically one of those gadgets that you knew for sure wouldn't make it to the end of the warranty period, but nothing could be further from the truth these days. Robot vacuum cleaners have finally been developed far enough to be of real added value in every household. Here too, the following applies: they come in all shapes and sizes, and therefore also price categories.

In general, iRobot's robot vacuums (the Roomba's) are the most appreciated, although they are pricey. They memorize the layout of your living room, don't get stuck on carpets and don't damage your table legs. All very handy, of course.

Digital gifts

No plastic packaging, no wrapping paper and therefore no waste: digital gifts are completely hip and 100% sustainably responsible. Think of an e-book, a subscription to an online service – and then don't buy the plastic gift card from Primera, but choose the digital version, you environmental pirate – or just a digital gift card. The digital gift is especially highly recommended if the recipient just radically decluttered his or her home a month ago. Marie Kondo will be proud of you.

Homework gifts

Half of the Netherlands works from home and will continue to do so for a while. You can jump into it in a fun and useful way with a state-of-the-art computer mouse, or a wireless smartphone charger, or any other technological aid that will enrich the recipient's working life. This way you can be reasonably sure that your gift will also be used. So reassuring.



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