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IT solutions are becoming an increasingly fundamental part of our business. Whereas in the past it was mainly technology companies that needed IT staff, nowadays you can no longer do it without a reliable, professional IT as a, grab it, garage or retail store. Parallel to this development, the demand for well-trained IT staff naturally also grows. Now that the competition for those sought-after workers is so killing: how do you tempt them to choose your company? We give you four crucial tips for your recruitment strategy.

Tip 1: Ideal IT people don't exist

You know, that experienced IT person who masters all the right programming languages, fits well into your team, has the right experience, also has some prior knowledge about your industry and is looking for a nice diploma? He has yet to be born. It is precisely for this IT vacancy that you have to deal with the job requirements flexibly and you have to accept that you have to make significant concessions to your ideal picture. Be smart about that. Focus on talent and try to find someone who fits your team or your company. A bit of IT specialist will acquire new skills as they are necessary for your position. But affinity with your industry? You either have it or you don't.

Tip 2: It takes an IT'er to know an IT'er

Do you already employ one or more IT professionals and does that team need to be expanded? Then be sensible and let one of those IT people constantly think along, watch and join conversations. Everyone likes to be addressed 'in their own language' and of course that also applies to IT professionals. It really helps if there is someone on the other side of the table who can ask sensible, challenging questions instead of an HR consultant who asks about completely abstract matters. Oh, and that job description? Have it checked by your IT department before going online. If there are factual inaccuracies in it, you can shake it too… Read this article to learn more about the technical side of vacancies.

Programming on a laptop

An exciting assessment is more interesting for an IT professional than an old-fashioned job interview.

Tip 3: Rather a cool assessment than an old-fashioned conversation

The popularity of the traditional job interview has been on the wane for years. IT people in particular, who naturally have an interest in innovation and renewal, are open to new, striking recruitment processes. For example, let your application procedure consist of completing a cool IT-related assignment. There is a good chance that a motivated, creative IT person will find that much more challenging than a letter of application to have to write. Your profit: you immediately have an idea of what this applicant has to offer.

Tip 4: Reconsider your terms of employment

If you want to win the battle for the best IT people, you will simply have to come up with above-average working conditions. An IT person is pre-eminently someone who can work excellently from home, for example. Is that sufficiently possible within your company? Could you be more flexible about that? And what about your regular working hours? Being able to drive after traffic jams is also a huge advantage for many applicants today. Consider carefully, possibly together with your HR department, how you can come up with a really interesting package of fringe benefits. If you eventually get to welcome that top candidate, you will thank yourself for a long time to come.

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