Delete Google My Business: is that possible? 


You quit your business, sold it or received some negative Google reviews and want to start with a clean slate. All valid reasons to consider whether you can remove your business listing on Google Maps. But everyone who are Google My Business If you have tried uninstalling it, you will recognize that it is not that simple. What are your options?

Once online, always online

Let's start with the bad news: a GMB listing of a company that actually exists (or has existed) is basically impossible. Google does not falsify history and believes that once a business location has been verified, it should always remain accessible via Maps. Does the story end there? Luckily not!

There is one exception to that rule of thumb and there are still a number of options, as the administrator of a GMB listing, in any case to waive things you no longer want to have anything to do with. We list the options for you.

A sign with 'Sorry, we're closed' on it.

Permanently closing your business on Google won't make the listing disappear.

Closing a business permanently

If you simply want to make it clear that your business has been closed or closed, Maps lets you indicate that the location'Permanently closed' is. This ensures that users can see that your company did exist. But beware: the entry never disappears! For an indefinite period of time, users can see that your company was located here.

A company never existed

The only option to actually remove a GMB listing from Maps is to indicate that the company simply never existed. That sounds simple, but it takes quite some time. Before Google includes a My Business listing, the address is verified. So you will have to prove that this listing is fake. It's not a matter of clicking a button! This option is useful if you are experiencing a spam listing on Maps, for example a 'ghost business' at your address.

Take over your own company

What many people don't realize is that a GMB account can change hands. When you take over a company, for example a restaurant, you do not necessarily have to report the old location closed. You can claim the GMB listing and then take it over after verification. You also copy all (hopefully positive!) reviews. Did the previous owner mainly collect negative reviews? Then it can be useful to report the old entry as closed and start a new one yourself. You will then need a different company name.

Smiley with an angry face, with a check mark behind it.

It is better to avoid bad reviews than to try to remove them.

Avoid bad reviews?

Finally, is it possible to simply start over with a clean slate after receiving (too) many bad reviews? Simply put: no. You can then better invest your energy in helping your customers or guests better. There is one 'unless', and that is the fake review. If the reviews are fake – i.e. from people you have never had as a customer or have demonstrably lied – then you can report these reviews as spam. Unfortunately Google is quite slow with it remove spam reviews, if they remove them at all. In many cases you will have to learn to live with the bad publicity and take comfort in the thought that unfortunately every entrepreneur suffers from it from time to time.

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