Google goes ERP: Vogsy added to G suite


Gmail, Docs, Drive and Google Agenda are handy, free tools from Google. These are also commercially available, from € 4 per user per month. An affordable alternative for small businesses that can work professionally so quickly. Now that Google is adding the Dutch ERP system Vogsy to it, it is a good time to take a closer look at G Suite.

First: G Suite is more than just the well-known Google tools. It offers company email (ie and online storage in the cloud. It is also a marketplace for third-party online productivity and collaboration software. That makes G Suite a portal for knowledge sharing, collaboration, administration and of course just doing your work if you can do it online. So what is ERP? Let's take a step back, as this is the first time ERP is covered on Bloeise.

ERP: from raw materials to services
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and is originally software for the manufacturing industry. Imagine a car factory with a treadmill on which a car is assembled by humans or robots. They must have the right parts ready for grabs, and that requires a complete planning of purchasing, production, stock, distribution and therefore also financing. Because you want the price of your car to remain the same, while you also earn a living from it. In this example, the parts are ready-made products, but you can also use ERP for raw materials (steel, plastic) and services.

As a society, we are moving more and more towards service: I used to work in the flower field as a teenager and a teenager today would be more likely to find a side job in a call center or supermarket. The turnover of employment agencies, ICT companies, travel companies, accountants, lawyers and consultancy firms continues to rise (B2B), as does retail, catering, hairdressers, theaters and cinemas (B2C). Some 70 to 80 percent of the gross domestic product is realized in this service sector. Big business, in other words, and that also needs matching software.

Knowledge + mobile + social
Nowadays we don't work on the treadmill but on projects, sometimes in a permanent relationship with colleagues, sometimes together with partners and third parties for the launch of a new website or product, for example. You are not always in the same building, while you are still exchanging knowledge and collaborating. You will recognize the trends that lead to this:

  1. We are knowledge workers. Data is collected and processed into information. If you apply that at the right time for and by the right people, it becomes knowledge. And even though knowledge is power, within the organization it must be freely available to everyone and outside it is precisely a way to distinguish yourself with thought leadership.
  2. Mobile. The site Bloeise received 18.9 percent of traffic via smartphone and 4.34 percent via tablet last year. That is quite low, if you consider that worldwide this is more than 50 percent. In fact, more than 70 percent of Facebook is used through the Facebook app alone. The mobile is the remote control for your life: social networking, banking, looking for information (more and more via voice, reports Google), controlling your heating, calendar, e-mail, weather, traffic, photos, videos… you get it . And take another look at your mobile: you also use it more for business.
  3. social. I communicate with partners and customers more and more through social channels: chat via Skype, Gmail, Messenger and whatsapp is increasingly the norm. We are also more and more private on social, so it makes sense that business moves there as well. As a new communication tool, chat allows employees to quickly ask questions, send files and see each other's presence in the workplace.

VOGSY for the service sector
VOGSY is an ERP package that is built on those three trends: knowledge, mobile and social. It organizes business processes from Quote-to-Cash: CRM, project management, time registration and project management, invoicing, accounting and business intelligence (extracting actionable knowledge from data). It is cloud software, so accessible 24 hours a day from any location without any management hassle. Thanks to the integration with G Suite, all files are also safely online with Google. VOGSY is accessible from smartphone, tablet and desktop. And even though you won't write many blogs or reports on your mobile, you can easily retrieve information before you enter the customer's home, agree to a proposal or request and send product, price, service or billing information directly to the customer. bring forward.

As an employee you also have the chatbot Viktor at your disposal: a personal assistant that communicates tasks and statuses. Managers can view financial figures (Key Performance Indicators) via their own dashboard. Information is easily exchanged between departments, transparent and well-arranged.

Added by Google
The convenience of Google's products should echo in the third-party software made available through the G Suite Marketplace. Google sets high standards for design, authentication and integration with G Suite. VOGSY is one of the few Dutch parties that has been added. André Hoekzema of Google Cloud Benelux says, among other things: “We are impressed by what VOGSY has achieved in just 18 months” and “With VOGSY Professional Services providers can leverage the wealth of Google's Ecosystem”.

Innovation driven
VOGSY is intended for project-oriented Professional Service organizations worldwide, typically business consultants, marketing or communication agencies and IT parties. These parties in particular have the great challenge of making their company go completely digital, so that they can use the advantages of this to better market themselves (lower costs, less overhead, higher production, more efficient business operations). If you don't, you will continue to use old solutions and offer outdated products with which you gradually lose sight of your target group. Because consumers and companies do embrace online, knowledge, social and the smartphone as a channel.

VOGSY in the Benelux
You don't just go digital just like that, of course. VOGSY is delivered, set up and supported by implementation partners. For the Benelux, GeeFirm the implementation partner and also launching partner. VOGSY costs € 17 per license (user) per month, excluding one-time setup and VAT.


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