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Perhaps you have never heard of it: the local guides from Google. It is one of the newest additions that Google has added to its unsurpassed Maps platform - and you undoubtedly know that. You can read about what a local guide is, how you can become it and what it can bring you, in this blog.

Share your knowledge as a Google local guide

What if every piece inside information freely available from anywhere on earth? That is, simply put, the starting point of Google's local guides system. Anyone with a Google account can become a Google local guide and share reviews and other information about places they know well.

There is only one condition for those places: they must exist as a location in Google Maps. As soon as this is the case, you can leave a review about the location – possibly supplemented with visual material such as photos or a video. Sun review so don't just write about restaurants, hotels or museums, but also about regular shops, your local mosque or the gym around the corner.

Opinions, but also facts

What distinguishes the local guides system from other review sites is that it is not merely an exchange of opinions and judgments. Google is equally interested in actual (trivial) information about locations in Google Maps. Sharing simple facts, which you can only know as an actual visitor, is therefore highly encouraged.

Think of questions like: is this store accessible for people in wheelchairs? Is the music in this cafe loud or soft? Is it fun to take children to this park? Google Maps should eventually become a true encyclopedia with all imaginable information about all public places in the world, by means of all the information that the Google local guides collect and share.

Google and iPadHow do I become a local guide?

As mentioned, anyone with a Google account can become a local guide. For example, you start by giving a rating (one to five stars) about a location, or you write a review. If you have enabled the location data on your (Android) smartphone, you will also notice that Google regularly asks you to share information about places you have visited. Little by little you share your inside information about the places you visit or just know well.

What does it bring?

You are basically a local guide for the honour. Think of it like adding information to Wikipedia: you don't get paid for it, but you do it because you enjoy it and want to contribute to the information available online. To encourage you anyway, Google uses a badge system.

For every piece of information – a review, review, photo, video or answers to questions – if you share, you will receive one or more points. As you collect more points, you level up. You reach that first promotion after fifteen points, but the steps are getting bigger and bigger.

From the fourth level - then we write 250 points - you will receive a badge with your Google account. The whole world can see that you are a real Google local guide. The higher your level, the more extensive your badge. However beautiful that badge is: in the end you will become a local guide because you enjoy sharing your knowledge and giving your opinion.

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14 Responses
  • Hans Hoorman says:

    I have been posting photos and reviews for 2.5 years. Photos have been viewed nearly 26 million times and reviews several hundred thousand times. Suddenly all the images worldwide have disappeared, only the texts of revieuws are still there. Local Guide level 9, almost 10. Many positive reactions from home and abroad, especially on tourism. Why don't the photos work anymore?

  • WH says:

    Just like the Sanquin blood bank. You do something right, but someone else takes the money and also pays little or no tax

  • Jeroen aarts says:

    In itself it is nice to give reviews. Do it as honestly and objectively as possible. If you have a dirty business then I think you can protect people there
    With hard-working entrepreneurs who do everything they can to please their customers, it's best to give them a thumbs up.. don't make it my life's work.
    That being a local guid.. you do it for the honor.. as the billion-dollar company Google proclaims..
    What do I care about such a badche.


  • Nathalie says:

    I have now posted about 90 photos with about 140,000 views!!
    But what does 'views' mean? I often can't even find my own photos on Maps.

  • kimberley pex says:

    Yes, it's nice to share something. Some reviews are really great, with good information about the place in question, there are also some that you can't do anything with. Even that is fun to read too!

  • Frederique says:

    That there is no real reward for it seems healthy because it would influence you. So I'm doing it for the points and the honour. Now 1000 points were taken away from me this week without notice. So far no response to my email to google. That's just sour. As other guiders will know it is hard work to level up from level 7 onwards.

  • Philomena says:

    And if someone writes (up to 2x) as a “review”: I don't like it, then someone gets paid for that too?
    At least I know that I don't have to take those reviews seriously anymore.

  • Janneke says:

    I think it's better if I stop to be a local guide.
    I hate it when people get bad reviews. You won't get rid of these reviews anytime soon, while you may be working super hard to grow and improve. After you improve yourself, sun review is still online. So you are judged by different people, with different tastes, different cultures, upbringing backgrounds. You end up in a points system and all eyes are on you. Do you get plus? 9f negatives?

    Can you adapt the system more to wonder, curiosity? What kind of world do you want to create?

    Janneke van eck

  • Frivo says:

    My free credit and badges for my huge amount of free info and photos and reviews provided to the billion-dollar Google concern that uses my info for free, without any compensation.
    It is a pity that the earlier promise as a reward for extra cloud space no longer applies. A visit to the Google “factory” or a monetary reward would also be in order.

  • André says:

    we like to give extra support to entrepreneurs who do their best above average and also to help the seekers with making their decision.

  • De grote gezinsvlog says:

    We have a vlog channel on youtube and have certainly increased in subscribers, due to the many photos we have shared on vacations. It's really nice to work on local guide. You can find us on youtube under “The big family vlog”

  • liesbeth haijtink says:

    and how important it is to support local entrepreneurs. you can order everything via the internet, but a city center is not going to get any more fun

  • Leo Viëtor says:

    Nicely summarized editorial! Pro bono indeed.

  • Local Guide says:

    Totally agree!!!

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