Google's indexing bug: Solved?


The Google “de-indexing bug” lasted about 6 days. Google announced last Thursday that this bug had been fixed. However, the SEO community has been indicating for a few days that there are many index problems in the Google Search Console. This mainly revolves around the status report (for index coverage) and the URL inspection tool. What exactly happened and has it been resolved?

Google search index bug response

What was going on?

On April 5, 2019, was the first to report that pages fell out of the Google index. At this time it was immediately seen that something was wrong with the Google search index. The SEO community noticed that pages fell out of the Google index.

Large parts of websites that were previously fully indexed were no longer findable. This was seen in the Google Search Console.

Also on the threads of Webmaster World were hundreds of complaints from website owners who had been removed from the index. These could also be found on the official Google Search Console forum.

URL not indexed by Google

The problem was not only with the Google Search Console, pages had fallen out of the index. The organic visits were hit by websites that were previously based on this in their business model.

Google said the following about this on 7 April.

Google Search index issue

The problems in Google Search were largely solved at this time. But unfortunately it didn't stop there.

What else happened?

The problems with the indexation seemed to be the start of more problems. A few days after Google indicated that the problems had been solved, new problems came to the surface. These problems all seemed to occur in the Google Search Console. This is what Google said about these problems:

Google Webmaster - search console recovering

There were many problems with the Google Search Console. Google indicates that it takes longer for the Google Search Console to recover from the problems than Google Search itself. This means that the index coverage and improvement report are not up-to-date. In addition, the URL inspection tool does not show the live status of the URL in some cases.

Google said they would indicate when this issue was resolved. In total, this bug has been running for more than 10 days, which makes it very problematic for website owners.

Status April 19, 2019

The problems in Google Search seem to be solved. However, the problems in the Google Search Console persist for many website owners. These are the last three tweets of the Google Webmasters account.

Google webmasters index issue reports

We are still waiting for an update from Google. We hope that this will be solved quickly as it causes problems for many SEO specialists and website owners.

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