Growing your Facebook audience in 5 steps according to Jon Loomer

Growing your Facebook audience in 5 steps according to Jon Loomer

Growing your Facebook audience in 5 steps according to Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer provides strategic Facebook Marketing advice and regularly shares his knowledge in short videos in which he answers questions.

“If you had to build an audience from scratch starting tommorrow, knowing what you know now, what would be the top 5 steps you would do with Facebook?”

In his answer, Jon assumes that you have no traffic at all, not even through a website or newsletter.

1. Routine

Regularly post routine content that your, target audience appeals to. So first answer the questions: Which content appeals to you? Who is my intended target audience? What do they think valuable? With regularly Jon means several times a day (2-4). And make sure it's content that takes care of Interaction.

2. Graph search

Graphsearch is a search functionality that allows you to search for users and their interests. This functionality is still in beta version (Already since January 2013). Sign up for Graphsearch here. Jon makes the suggestions to look at 2 competitors of yours. Then find out which people like both pages. Or what the interests are of people who like one of these 2 pages. This way you gain insight into your target group. Read more about Graphsearch on Marketing Facts.

3. Facebook ads

You can then load the results of Graphsearch into Facebook ads as target audience. (see further In this way you can approach your target group very specifically with added value. The focus is on quality, not quantity. Also read my piece about Facebook ads.

4. Fangate

Offer valuable content behind a tab, which is only available to fans of your Page. Jon suggests: an e-book or a white paper. Something that is valuable to your customers.

5. Hashtags

Use hashtags that describe your product regularly. With hashtags you connect your content to people who are interested in your content because they search for it. Also read my own piece about it hashtag strategy.


Jon also gives a bonus tip, which you can find in the video!

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