Guest blog: Color does matter

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Guest blog: Color does matter

guest blog by Tineke Hendriks van Warbij van JVH web building

Why is a gym often blue? Why are the most expensive products always at eye level? There is a strategy behind everything. A gym is often blue because studies have shown that seeing the color blue allows weightlifters to lift heavier weights. Colors also have a major influence on consumer choice. 60 to 80 percent of all purchasing decisions are made based on color.

Colors evoke or block certain emotions. So by choosing the right colors you can 'help' people to make a certain decision or purchase.

Just a quick test: which button do you click? Red or green:

color in websites

Actually, I didn't think it would make much of a difference. Red is seen in the Netherlands as the color for danger 'stop'. But also if the color of love. While green stands for fresh and healthy.

But the result told me something else. The red button 21% was clicked more often.

It is good to know that colors can mean something different per culture.

In addition, the size of the button also matters. The button should not be too big, it will then come across as too loud. But too small isn't good either, because then it won't stand out. Most people choose an intermediate size, the width varies from 100 to 200 pixels.

This result does not mean that it applies in all cases. After all, there is a color that is dominant per sector. This has to do with the associations with the color. In healthcare, for example, a lot of white (clean), purple (intelligent), blue (reliable) and orange (vital) is used. Black represents death, so it should be avoided at all costs. Yellow is also not often used in healthcare because it stands for sunshine and optimism.

The most suitable colors are: red, orange, blue and green

So it is very important to choose good colors for you corporate identity and your website. Even more important is to choose a color that suits your organization. It is good that it stands out for the call-to-action button. The color should contrast with the rest of the website.

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