Happy Horizon takes over Amsterdam Nochii Online Marketing

Happy Horizon takes over Amsterdam Nochii Online Marketing

Happy Horizon takes over Amsterdam Nochii Online Marketing

Digital marketing group Happy Horizon has taken over the full service online marketing agency Nochii Online Marketing from Amsterdam on December 10, 2020. Happy Horizon now has more than 235 digital talents and supports hundreds of organizations in their digital ambitions. They do this from various locations in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Nistelrode and Eindhoven.

CEO Walter van de Wege: 'With the acquisition of Nochii Online Marketing, we are adding a great club of digital talents to our group in addition to a great customer portfolio. Who, together with our current teams in Eindhoven, Apeldoorn and Amsterdam, can make each other even smarter and better. And in doing so we can help to achieve even better, demonstrable results for our clients. Because that's what we stand for as a group!'

Even firmer foothold in Amsterdam

The basis of Happy Horizon is located in Eindhoven. There is now also a firm foothold in Apeldoorn. And a team of more than 30 colleagues is already active in Amsterdam. 'They show great results. This gives us extra confidence in the opportunities in that region. Nochii Online Marketing fulfills the need for extra strength to take advantage of those opportunities.'

Happy Horizon's horizon

This expansion fits in with the ambition to belong to the top 5 of independent Dutch digital marketing groups within the next three years. 'We are well on the way', Walter adds. 'We have a strong team, we serve attractive customers and have good geographical coverage. With this local approach, we safeguard the team spirit and excellent customer relationships. Overall, our disciplines data, strategy, creation, online marketing and development now complement each other well. We see that customers need that.'

The enthusiasm and culture made the difference gaf

Nochii Online Marketing celebrated its 10-year anniversary this year. Maarten de Graad, who will remain as managing director, about the takeover: 'There is a lot of interest in agencies like ours. The consolidation in the online marketing landscape is in full swing. And that makes sense: you have to grow and broaden to keep up. So it was a logical step for us to join a larger whole. The combination of the friendly culture, the ambition and the level at which Happy Horizon acts was the deciding factor to continue with them. This step gives us the opportunity to grow and to continue to serve our current customers optimally. Better even!'

Happy Horizon works for Quality Wellness Resorts, Shimano, Fatboy, Fontys Hogescholen, NHL Stenden, Pink Gellac, MSD, Roche, Grando, PSV, FC Utrecht, Continu, Sneakers, Beachlife, Center Parcs, de Woonspecialist, Pets Place and Visitbrabant. .

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