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HENGELO – Smart2IT, a software house of SaaS products from Hengelo, which this year received the FD Gazelle Award for the second time in a row, is launching a new software platform. This new platform, called EyeQ, offers organizations the opportunity to improve their personnel training and education with the application of Virtual Reality. The official launch of EyeQ will take place on November 28 in the Erve Asito stadium of Heracles Almelo. Several inspiring speakers will be present to talk about their vision on the new way of learning through the application of technology.

Smart2IT has already successfully launched two Virtual Reality platforms and is now on the eve of the launch of the third platform. EyeQ is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform with which the end user can create Virtual Reality training courses based on video content created by them. Because the customer is able to build a training through the platform, they are in control. Making changes to the training can be done independently and at any time, with efficiency as the starting point. ''The big advantage of Virtual reality is that candidates are trained in a virtual world that is equal to the real world, without any major consequences. The participants do not have to be present at a specific location. It has also been scientifically proven that people remember much more on the basis of practical experience than theoretical courses or training," said the director of Smart2IT, Sander Martinec.

Save costs and increase efficiency
It has already been proven that Virtual Reality Training has positive effects. Major parties such as KLM and Walmart have embraced this technology and are reaping the benefits. The pilot tests they conducted enabled employees to start work on average two weeks earlier. EyeQ has a number of customers who are already using the software at the time of launch. Driving school Roordink (Dri-VR), Asito, Goodwork, Shell and the Maxima medical center, among others, use the platform satisfactorily and see very positive effects among the students.

Launch EyeQ in the Erve Asito stadium
To launch EyeQ, Smart2IT, in collaboration with the aforementioned parties: Dri-VR, Goodwork and Next Learning valley, is organizing an event on November 28 in the context of new developments in e-learning. For example, Dennis van Heerden – also known from the television program Hunted – will give a presentation about personalized training.

During the event there is also the possibility to try a VR training yourself via the EyeQ platform. The event will be held on November 28 at the Erve Asito stadium. You can register for free at https://eyeq-learning.com/inschrijven/.

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