HETWORKS and Webeau continue together under the name BTTR

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HETWORKS and Webeau continue together under the name BTTR

The internet agencies HETWORKS and Webeau merge and continue together under the name BTTR. The parties indicate that by merging they can take up a stronger position in the market, making them more interesting for clients and new employees.

HETWORKS and Webeau have known each other for a number of years and have worked together on various projects. They see it as a logical step to join forces and respond jointly to the increased demand for innovative digital solutions.

“Together, we are even better able to answer complex customer questions when it comes to developing digital platforms. Offering continuity is becoming increasingly important and you need different expertise. Our merger ensures that continuity and the various specializations in-house.” According to Arwin Bos, co-owner of Webeau.

The two agencies already serve a number of clients jointly and have been able to explore and coordinate their working methods in recent years. Clients of the two agencies include Bidfood, Canon Medical, DPG Media, James Hardie, Royal Dutch Golf Federation, Amsterdam Transport Region and several industry associations, universities and government agencies.

The new agency called BTTR employs more than twenty-five professionals who focus on digital strategy, design and development of socially engaged brands.

“With BTTR we want to radiate that we learn every day, want to be better every day than the day before,” says Peter van Aalderen, co-owner of HETWORKS. “It is our intrinsic motivation to leave the world better than it is today. We want to do this by making sustainability play an important role and by looking after each other and society.”

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