How Oculus Rift turns the (business) world upside down


guest blog by Tim Nijland of Oculus Rift Blog for Rent Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality has been the dream of many since the 1990s. The lifelike experience it offers is the final frontier of entertainment. Next year, the dream will finally become a reality thanks to the Oculus Rift. This company is finally making the virtual world accessible to the masses.

The exact influence that Virtual Reality will have on the world is difficult to predict. However, I firmly believe that this is the future that will become reality sooner than many think. My prediction is that in 5 years a large part of the consumer will be familiar with the Rift. In the beginning this will still be for entertainment purposes, but companies will also eventually make massive use of it. In my opinion, the possibilities and threat that VR poses for companies is underestimated. With foresight, I will give a few examples of how drastic the changes (can) be.

Ultimate targeting and eye tracking on the go

Data mining and personalized advertising are taken to the highest level. The Rift is connected to the internet, eating your cookies and lurking on your Facebook. The signs along the fields and the advertisements in your game only show brands and products that you are interested in. Eye-tracking will soon be applied dynamically. As soon as it is clear that an advertisement is not (properly) viewed, it can be on the fly be adjusted.

Buy your house and enjoy your holiday

No more endlessly clicking photos on Funda or on the road with a chatty broker. With a Rift on your nose, you can stroll through the house of your dreams at your leisure. Curious about what the room looks like with a larger window, different furniture or your favorite wallpaper? Press the button and set up your future home while the current residents are still packing.

A virtual walk through the Chrysler factory

Hiking the Bahamas or going down that infamous black run in Mayrhofen? Oculus makes it possible. The perfect way to choose your new holiday destination without leaving your seat. Or just to relax after a nine to five.

Always in the front row

Don't feel like buying outrageously expensive tickets for a concert? Or simply don't feel like watching dots in the distance with thousands of people in the rain? No problem. In the future everyone will see in the front row and you will (re)experience that one performance that will be talked about for years to come.

Brand experience and virtual tourism

Take a look behind the scenes or take a tour of your new employer. Virtual tours are the way companies will soon involve their target audience. Chrysler already offers a tour of their factory and with Tesco you can take a look at the store of the future. But also admiring the Mona Lisa without the pressure of a thousand tourists or a visit walk on the Chinese wall will soon be possible for everyone.

The possibilities are (virtually) endless

As you can see, the future is virtual. The way in which we consume media, buy products and purchase services in 5 to 10 years' time will be radically changed. Every company now needs to think about the impact Virtual Reality is having on their industry. My advice for every entrepreneur with a drive for innovation: Rent the Oculus Rift for a day and explore the virtual world before it becomes reality!

guest blog by Tim Nijland of Oculus Rift Blog for Rent Oculus Rift

Image source: Sergey Galyonkin “Anna Bashmakova and Oculus Rift”


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