How do I remove a review?

fire is one of the largest web stores in the Netherlands. Since 2011, other companies have also been able to sell their goods via, and in April 2017 more than 16,000 companies already did. Interesting business, but then it is also logical that negative reviews do not make you happy. Every customer has the opportunity to leave a review. Several things are assessed with this. For example, the customer can indicate whether the product is as desired, whether it was properly packaged and whether the service was in order. The details of the product can also be further discussed and customers have the opportunity to indicate their own pros and cons. The majority of customers use the reviews when making a choice: for it is a service tool and a sales tool. A negative review can cost you as a company dearly. Of course you want to avoid this.

When can a negative review be removed? sends every customer an email shortly after making the purchase with the request to write a review. This shows that finds it important to collect many reviews. To keep our own service high, a strict quality control has to take place. will therefore not just remove a negative review. A review can be removed in the following situations:

  • When the review has been placed with the wrong provider.
  • When can it be proven that the assessment is fraudulent?
  • When personal information appears in a review.
  • When the assessment is contrary to the law and regulations. This includes, among other things, offensive, discriminatory or hurtful statements.

The partner service decides

If you have received a negative review and you believe it meets a situation where it can be removed, please contact You do not do this through regular customer service, but through the special partner service. This is customer service that is specially designed for serving partners, also known as parties that offer products via the web store. The partner service may record your complaint about the review and will verify the review. If it is indeed inappropriate and goes against the rules of, it will be removed by If this is not the case, the webshop will not remove the review. does not enter into discussions communicates very clearly to partners that no discussions are started about whether or not to remove reviews. has drawn up the rules and makes decisions based on them. If the webshop decides that a review may remain, it will not be removed.

Do you experience a lot of hindrance from it? Then you can go to court to get a judgment from the judge. This person can impose to remove the review, but in practice this does not happen very often. The webshop itself advises partners to always contact the customer personally when a negative review has been posted. If there are a lot of negative reviews, it can be good to investigate why there are so many. It may be necessary to adjust something about the product, service or delivery.

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