How do I delete a Home Delivery Assessment?


home delivery is the largest food ordering site. Restaurants can register themselves with this website to offer food via the platform to people who want a meal delivered at home. Most of the affiliated restaurants provide fast food, but this is not a requirement. Catering establishments must pay Thuisbezorgd to be able to offer the dishes on the website. In exchange, they are given space on the website to present the menu. Orders are forwarded by Thuisbezorgd and payments are arranged. In addition, the website collects reviews from people who have ordered.

Positive and negative reviews on Thuisbezorgd

If you take a critical look at the restaurants on Thuisbezorgd, you will notice that there is not a single restaurant with only good reviews. So it's about food. What one person likes, another person will not find.

In addition, it is possible that a bad review is written when the delivery took a little long, for example. Ultimately, every excellent restaurant also receives bad reviews. This makes the Thuisbezorgd rating system reliable. Positive and negative reviews alternate, giving hungry customers a good complete picture of a restaurant.

How does assessment work at Thuisbezorgd?

  • The ratings are shown for every restaurant with more than three ratings.
  • Two hours after receiving the order, the customer will receive a review email from
  • Assessment is only possible after ordering.
  • Anonymous assessment is possible without a name, but only after the order.

Home delivery does not remove reviews

Home delivery does not remove reviews. This is short, but powerful. The food website finds it very important that people get an honest picture of a restaurant, of the (delivery) service and of the dishes.

In addition, it is quite difficult to check whether a review is correct or not. Food is eaten. It is therefore not possible to determine afterwards whether it was already cold when it was delivered or whether it was not tasty, for example. In addition, the taste of food is very personal. A cook may have made the dish well, but someone may simply not like it. This makes it difficult to assess whether an assessment is justified or not. For this reason, Thuisbezorgd very rarely removes review.

There are exceptions to the rule though

Home delivery is not an easy party when you want to have a negative review removed. However, it is not completely impossible. There are indeed exceptions. If a review is highly inappropriate, for example because of discrimination, swearing or swearing, a request for removal can be submitted.

If it is clear that a review is fake or that a review has been placed incorrectly, a request for removal can also be submitted to Thuisbezorgd. In the end, home delivery is always the deciding party. You can submit a request in all cases to remove a negative review, but Thuisbezorgd has the final say.

Submit a request to Thuisbezorgd

Did you receive a negative review via Thuisbezorgd? Then it can be useful to contact the customer in question. In many cases, an apology already causes the customer to adjust their opinion. After all, not all 'mistakes' can be prevented. Do you really want to have the review removed because you believe it hurts your business? Then you can contact Thuisbezorgd customer service to submit a request.

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3 Responses
  • L.K. says:

    Would you like to delete today's review of Orient Plaza Nijmgen?
    It was neatly resolved by them. Hope to eat there again in the future.

  • Claudia says:

    Could my message be removed what I posted at chicken express the outer harbor I was called by the owner.

  • Henny says:

    The entrepreneur cannot respond to it at all as with
    Sometimes it is also the case that a review is very wrong and home delivery still refuses to remove it, for example if a customer has entered an incorrect house number and the food becomes cold as a result.
    If the delivery person then starts to call and the phone is not answered, it becomes difficult to find the house number and time goes on at the expense of the food and other customers who therefore receive the order later.
    Home delivery has too much power and doesn't do much for the entrepreneur they ultimately pay.

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