How do you write a good ad copy?


Guest blog by Quincy van Veen van Ferbis

Suppose you are creating your own Facebook ad and you come to the part where you are going to type the ad text. What are you going to write then? How do you ensure that your ad text delivers the result you want to achieve? In other words, how do you write a good ad copy?

In principle, there are a number of ways in which you can write good ad copy. Not every way is the same and not everyone likes to work that way.

Benefits, not features

What I do is start with the product or service that I am going to advertise. What kind of product or service is it? How expensive is it? What is the USP, what are the features of the product or service, and more importantly, what are the benefits of this product or service?

Suppose I am going to make an advertisement for selling electric lawn mowers with a sales price of 300 euros. Suppose the USP of this lawnmower is that it has a very large battery capacity and only needs to be charged once a year. That then becomes the focus of the ad. Furthermore, I make a list of all functions with the advantage on the other hand. That then looks like this:

Function: Benefit:
Large battery capacity Charging less often, so less hassle with using the lawn mower.
Sharp blades under mower Cut through the grass easily with no effort.
Wide blades under mower Wider cutting area means less circle around the lawn to cut all the grass.

These are just three examples of features versus benefits, but there are of course many more. Make a long list yourself with all the features against all the benefits for the product you are going to sell.

After you have the USP and the benefits of the product on paper, you can move on to the next step: the layout of the ad text. Because where do you start? A how do you finish? Here are some proven ways to do it. In this article I will go through two ways: AIDA and ACCA.


Ad texts

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. You want to grab the reader's attention first. You can do this by asking a striking question, making a certain statement, or other things that grab the reader's attention. Then you want to create an interest in the product. You can do this by naming a certain benefit from the list you made earlier. Next, you want to create a desire in the reader, something why they MUST have this product. And lastly, make sure there's a call-to-action at the end of the ad. Something the readers have to do, such as clicking on a link, entering their email, or other action for which you initially create the ad.


ASSA stands for Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction and Action. First you want to show that the product exists. Then you have to show what the product is, what the features are and what the benefits are. After that, the reader has to be persuaded to buy the product and finally, the reader has to be put into action by actually buying the product.

Now a good photo and you're done! Your ad is ready to be put online.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This guest blog was previously in the name of Marijn Quartel of Signable, which is patently incorrect. This guest blog was provided by Quincy van Veen of online marketing agency Ferbis. 

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