Improving the Relevance Score of Facebook Ads: Checklist!

Facebook ads relevance score

Improving the Relevance Score of Facebook Ads: Checklist!

Your Facebook Ads campaign is running. As an indicator, Facebook shows the relevance score per ad: a score from 1 to 10 that indicates how your target group responds to your ad. Interaction increases your relevance score, and a lower relevance score means a lower cost per interaction. So. How do you increase that relevance score?

What is the Facebook Relevance Score?

The relevance score is a gauge: Facebook does nothing else based on this number. The score is shown in ad manager after your ad has been shown more than 500 times. The interaction with your ad changes, so your relevance score changes too. Daily. Do you not yet see a relevance score with your ads in Facebook Ads and do you have 500 views? Just you set columns.

As with everything on Facebook, it's about relevance. That makes everyone happy: Facebook because everyone is on Facebook longer, you as an advertiser because your budget yields more, and Facebook users because they see more sensible advertisements on Facebook that better match their experience.

What Lowers Your Facebook Ads Relevance Score?

Duh. When your ad is not relevant. For this, Facebook uses the following signals:

  • When someone clicks 'I don't want to see this' in your ad from your Facebook page. (so with target group: people who follow my page)
  • When someone clicks 'hide ad' in your ad aimed at a target group selection.
  • When Facebook expected that people will hide your ad. That expectation is based on the above two points and a low amount of interaction.
  • Very little interaction: so few clicks, conversions, shares, likes and comments. Facebook measures the time a Facebook post is viewed, so that will play into it too.
  • A low interaction follows from the not properly addressing your chosen target group: wrong tone of voice, image that does not cause 'scroll stopping', wrong arguments or call to action. In short: just a stupid advertisement.

What should I do with a low relevance score?

Facebook has nothing to do with guaranteed delivery ads, such as for reach and frequency. It does have a small impact on the cost and delivery of the brand awareness campaigns, which are optimized for reaching people, not driving a specific action.

You don't have to do anything with it. But that's not so wise. Because. Your Relevance Score is a signal: How well are your ads doing? How much does your budget yield in proportion? A low relevance score is an ass kick to improve your relevance. So…! How do you do that?

Improve Facebook Ads Relevance Score

A low relevance score means a mismatch between your target audience and your ad. Improve those two!

Audience Options

Make your target audience more specific. A large target group is nice and big, but too general. Go filter. Focus on a specific location (especially if you have a physical store such as a butcher or hairdresser), age, gender, interests, and specific behavior. You can also use the Facebook pixel to compose a target group of people who have visited your website, or who have just converted on your website. Read my article for this: Create Audiences in Facebook Ads.

Ad with stopping power

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. How does your ad come across? Focus on the image first.

Keep in mind that 70 percent of all Facebook use on an app is on a mobile. Your ad comes along in a fierce scrolling session: does it attract enough attention from your target group? Does it stop them for a moment to see what they see now? What emotion does your image evoke? What idea do you give them? Why would they even pay attention to your paid advertisement? Make your message simple. Bright. Clearly. And. Related to the product or what you are promoting.

Seduce with your text

Look at the text: the arguments you give to take action. Do they really apply to your target group? Are you connecting? Does it speak to your target audience about the experiences, challenges and issues they have? Avoid using misleading content. You might get the attention and the click, but that has the opposite effect on Facebook: a bad experience leads to negative signals leads to a lower relevancy score leads to worse results for your budget.


At some point, your target audience will know your ad. Old news. Then it just gets annoying. Stop that campaign. Even if it runs offline or elsewhere for a long time. refresh. You don't always post the same message on Facebook and then promote it, do you? Why do you do that with Facebook Ads aimed at your website? It comes exactly the same. Get in touch with your inner butterfly and change your ad.


Ask a Question! For example, about multiple images in your ad: which one do you like better? Or give something away for free via a download.

Keep testing to increase your relevance score

When you start a campaign, you don't really know anything. Of course: you have an idea of your target group, the kind of messages that have worked in the past, on Facebook and other channels, but you don't know how it will all turn out. You just start. The real optimization only starts when you get data about your ads, such as the relevance score. So try out different ads and different target groups. Show ad A to target group X and Y, and show ad A and B to your target group X. This way you can see which ad fits which target group better. See the differences between your ads. Between your target groups. And learn.

Yes. But. I don't get it.

Facebook doesn't always provide great service either. So here are the disclaimers:

  • Relevance score is a interpretation: it's not about this. It's about your business goals. You choose Facebook Ads as a means to achieve it. The Facebook Ads Relevance Score shows how the asset in general works. As a supplier of trucks, for example, are you satisfied with that one sale per month? Then don't be distracted by the relevance score.
  • Compared with Google Adwords and the Quality Score works differently: there the QS x bid determines your position. A better QS in Adwords immediately leads to lower costs. A better Relevance Score on Facebook simply indicates that your ads are doing well. Facebook rather does: interaction x bid = position (probability of places).
  • You are not selling on Facebook. You are responding to the interests of your target group with nice content. Your relevance score for your Facebook ad tells you how well you are doing that.
  • Avoid offensive content. With your target group, this can result in negative signals (hide message / hide everything from) that lower your relevance score. And when they click through but the landing page If you're disappointed (clickbait: you'll never believe what happened then), Facebook sees that too. The time between the click and further Facebook behavior was then too short, which also results in a lower relevance score.

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