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There are several ways to encourage existing customers to make a new purchase. Using a newsletter is one of these ways! With a newsletter you can inform existing customers about discounts, new products, and so on. By organizing your newsletter correctly, you can encourage customers to make new purchases. However, keep in mind that a newsletter can also backfire. When a newsletter comes across as too pushy to people, they are less likely to read it. This also increases the chance that they will switch to a competitor. Something you want to avoid!

In this article we tell you more about setting up a newsletter. How can you as an organization ensure a higher conversion? How do you know what interests your newsletter readers? How do you ensure more clicks that ultimately result in more sales? Such information is essential to be able to use your newsletter as a marketing tool.

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By measuring your reach after sending a newsletter, you can optimize the content of your newsletters.

To measure is to know at the newsletter

When you have collected a large number of e-mail addresses, the use of a newsletter can be interesting. In this case, with a newsletter you reach a large audience at once. A large part of this audience will have been a member in the past purchase have done. Now it is important to encourage this group of people to make the next purchase! There are several online services that you can use to measure different elements. Think of the percentage that opens the newsletter, the number of people who click on items in the newsletter and what clicks through to your website.

Based on this information, you can optimize the content of your newsletters. Which items were the most popular? What type of titles appealed to your readers the most?

Create content that excites people

Now that you know which items readers click most often, you can create content for your newsletter. Pay enough attention to this to prevent people from unsubscribing from your newsletter. Make a combination of different forms of content. Think of a combination of news articles, infographics and perhaps a link to a nice video. People often don't bother to read long stretches of text. They only scan the newsletter for nice pictures, stimulating titles, tips and interesting ideas. You can place the long pieces of text in a blog article on your website. People come here when they click the link in your newsletter.

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With a call to action you encourage readers to perform a specific action.

Provide a call to action

Finally, it is important to call to action to add to your newsletter. Right away call to action you can prompt readers to perform an action. This can be a visit to your website, but also the purchase of specific products. If you want to lead a reader to a blog, it is important that this blog is about a new call to action has.

With these three handy tips you can set up a newsletter in a customer-oriented way. The aim of using your newsletter is of course to increase your turnover!

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