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The word influencer does not yet appear in the Dutch glossary of Microsoft Word. This indicates that this principle is still relatively new. More and more organizations are choosing influencers to improve their marketing strategy. What is an influencer? In what way can influencer marketing contribute to the success of your organization? In this article we tell you more about the why of influencer marketing. We also give some useful tips to start using influencers yourself. This allows you to further refine your organization's marketing strategy.

The idea behind the use of an influencer

An influencer is usually described as a well-known person with a large reach. In the present day, a famous person does not necessarily have to be a famous artist, actor or politician. For example, think of someone with a large reach on social media, someone who makes vlogs for a certain target group on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat or facebook. These influencers are currently mainly targeting a younger audience, as this target group is increasingly active on the internet. They no longer watch television programmes, but replay programs on the Internet or follow similar programs in online films on YouTube, Dumpert or Facebook.

Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - social media for influence marketing

Benefits of influencer marketing

The reason that organizations use an influencer within their marketing strategy is the fact that these influencers usually have an extremely large reach. This range often ranges from a few thousand to even tens of thousands of Dutch and Belgian followers. It is of course also possible to choose an influencer with a more international audience. The large network behind an influencer relies on the knowledge and advice that this influencer provides in messages, photos and videos. This is reflected, for example, in the clothing that followers buy, the care products that are bought, gadgets that are taken over, and so on.

For organizations, influencer marketing offers a unique opportunity to reach a large part of their target group in a subtle way. Without emphatically promoting your products or services, an influencer can drop the name of your organization. The combination of the trust followers have in an influencer, the large reach and the effect of influencers makes this a very effective form of advertising for companies.

B2C and B2B differences
Influencer marketing is not just for consumers. In business too, decisions are influenced by business blogs and specialists. Sharing knowledge, thought leadership, is a spearhead for more and more companies. The two major differences between B2C and B2B influencer marketing are:

  • Longer sales process: typically the process of a B2B purchase takes much longer than with B2C. Such as the purchase of new software or hardware, for example. That is why it is interesting to get in touch with your target group through influencers early.
  • Smaller target audience: the amounts at B2B are usually higher and the numbers lower than at B2C. Larger fish are fished in a smaller target group. That means that in B2C segmentation is more important. First quality, then quantity.

5 tips to start with influencer marketing yourself

Now that we've described what makes influencer marketing so interesting for companies, it's time to get started. We are happy to give you five handy tips that can make this easier for you!

  1. Decide for yourself in advance what you target audience is. Try to look at the location of your target audience, their age group, their gender and their interests.
  2. Search for a online network which several influencers have joined. This way you can directly approach multiple influencers. A prominent Dutch influencer marketing platform is Bloomse can also be found here.
  3. Try approach influencers yourself zelf if you don't find them in any of these networks. Many influencers have an email address in their public profile.
  4. Always check that the followers of an influencer to be real. Unfortunately, it happens that a large part of an influencer's followers are not relevant or, for example, only have one or two followers.
  5. Mind the Interaction between the influencer and his/her followers. Look at the number of likes on photos, the number of comments, and so on.

Do you want to start right away with influencer marketing?

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