'Infocalypse' on the way: in conversation with Nina Schick, Anita van Rootselaar, Rudy Bouma and Paul Tang

infocalypse coming

'Infocalypse' on the way: in conversation with Nina Schick, Anita van Rootselaar, Rudy Bouma and Paul Tang

Amsterdam, May 31, 2021 – Fake news, deepfakes and cheapfakes: experts foresee the arrival of a so-called 'infocalypse', a situation in which no one knows anymore what reliable and manipulated information is. How do you make that distinction clear in the digital world? What responsibility do the large tech companies that shape the playing field bear? On Wednesday 2 June at 7:30 pm, De Balie program maker Tim Wagemakers will talk about this with Anita van Rootselaar, Nina Schick, Rudy Bouma and Paul Tang.

Wednesday 2 June at 7:30 pm: The Suspicious Society | This program can be watched for free via a livestream | www.debalie.nl

Author Nina Schick specializes in how technology affects politics and society in the 21st century. Schick was a political adviser to the British government on Brexit and the immigration crisis. She also worked for the election campaign of French President Emmanuel Macron. Today she is a writer and independent political commentator for the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera, among others. Her book was published in the run-up to the American elections Deepfakes and the Infocalypse – What You Urgently Need to Know.

Anita van Rootselaar made a podcast series for the Democratic Laboratory of Radboud University around the question: is democracy under pressure?

Rudy Bouma is a reporter for Nieuwsuur. He often reports on tech topics such as disinformation in the digital domain.

MEP Paul Tang focuses on fair taxes, sustainable financing and the role of data and technology in our society.

About this series: The suspicious society
Those who follow the news have seen it: protests online and offline, fierce criticism of the mainstream media and the image that people are losing control over the changes in their neighbourhood. It seems like we trust each other less and less. But is that true? And what does this image or this truth mean for our democracy? De Balie and Radboud University are joining forces and present a triptych about the mistrustful society.

See https://debalie.nl/programma/the-suspicious-society-1-02-06-2021/.

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