Infographic Get found in Google

Infographic Get found in Google

Infographic Get found in Google

Findability on Google is important for companies

Is your roof leaking? Then Google a plumber. If you are not found as a plumber on the first page in Google, then you simply do not exist. Of course not everyone googles: you get a personal recommendation from your father / neighbor / hairdresser or you have the 06 of your plumber in your mobile. But if not.. and your roof is leaking. Even if you get a recommendation… don't you often Google it?

SEO for beginners

Roell de Ram from  OpenCompanies made a clear infographic about this, with clear tips for beginners. Note: it's not as simple as it appears here, but it gives small businesses especially a good starting point. Read it through and see what you can apply.

infographic online reviews OpenCompaniesSource: This Infographic was created by OpenCompanies


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