Infographic Facebook 12 years and the future


Facebook has been around since 2004. In the past twelve years, Facebook has grown from a student face book (first as Facemash, later The Facebook and now Facebook) into the social network with 1.5 billion active users. Facebook is now the architecture on which many other services and apps are built. This infographic takes a look at the future of Facebook: AI, VR and 

AI is sometimes heralded as the world's greatest threat. But those who have already chatted with M – Facebook's test version of an AI-powered chatbot – are not yet impressed. Yet there is enormous potential: think of a chat with a friend about a weekend in London. During the conversation you can: ask @bank if you have enough balance, ask @bookingcom for an apartment in the city center with a minimum rating of 8.5 and no more than 100 euros per night, have @klm book a flight on Friday evening from 19.00 .

VR is an important part of the future, according to Mark Zuckerberg. In our timeline, video now starts playing automatically, and you see more and more 360 videos: videos in which you can look around while the video plays. In a few years' time this will become commonplace and VR will become the way of media consumption. Internet for everyone. However, this project has been banned in India as of February 2016 due to net neutrality. The judge saw the commercial motives behind for example, the services that are offered for free are selected by Facebook. Facebook's competitors are being skipped, and that makes competition very difficult.

Facebook infographic the future of Facebook

Facebook wants to become the internet

But what happens on Facebook itself? Facebook becomes the internet. Articles are transferred one to one to Facebook, YouTube is replaced by Facebook and more and more information can be found on Facebook.


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