International marketing: three tips for a quick start

International marketing tips

International marketing: three tips for a quick start

Are you going international with your company? Globalization makes it easier to do business abroad. Technically, you can set up a German website today and do business in Germany the next day via various platforms. In practice it is often less easy. Although it is relatively easy to enter a new market, reaching the right target group in a foreign country remains a major challenge.

A successful company in the Netherlands does not guarantee success abroad. You spend a lot of time and attention on your Dutch marketing, if you want to be successful abroad you have to work just as hard on your marketing in that country.

Three tips for international marketing

If you want to achieve international ambitions, you have to set business objectives. You create a marketing strategy based on your business goals.

Tip 1: localize your website

You website is the heart of your strategy. One of the most common mistakes is that too little time and attention is spent on translating and localizing the website.

You can choose to simply translate the content. You have the Dutch source text translated into the language of the country where you are going to settle, French for example. Your business partner will recognize himself in the content, but it remains a Dutch website with French text.

Localizing your website goes one step further. With website localization, the complete web experience is tailored to the customs and culture of a specific region and associated target group. Do you outsource the translation? Then choose a translation agency with knowledge of localization.

Tip 2: choose your target group carefully

Target group selection international marketing

In the Netherlands you focus on a defined target group. To successfully carry out your international marketing, it is super important to tailor your strategy to a specific target group.

It is almost never possible to take over your Dutch target group for your international site. This is due to cultural differences.

A buyer persona can help with this. By aligning your content marketing with a buyer persona, you are forced to create campaigns that fit seamlessly with your target audience.

Tip 3: Use the right channels

Enter your business Germany? Then pay attention, the cultural differences are large. This does not mean that the strategy with which you are successful in the Netherlands will also yield the desired result in Germany.

If you are going to work with online marketing to reach your German target group, it is important that you come across as a reliable partner. Your website must look neat and the content must be written flawlessly. A website with a .de extension creates trust.

In Germany SEO is very important. To Organic generate traffic with search engine optimization can hire your SEO agency. An SEO agency aims to have web pages score as high as possible on the search results page.

It is important that you use different channels when you go international. The channel you need to focus on differs per country and per target group. These are probably different channels than in the Netherlands.

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