Interview: 'Really innovate? Break through the pillarization'

Joost-Holthuis-Design agency Edenspiekermann

Interview: 'Really innovate? Break through the pillarization'

Design agency Edenspiekermann uses service design for radical improvement in services. 'The pillarization of business units stands in the way of real innovation,' says Creative Director and partner Joost Holthuis.

Many companies want to put the customer first and try to distinguish themselves or generate new business through excellent service. Large organizations such as government organizations, banks, insurers and large service providers are divided into departments, each with its own task and objectives. These departments often form separate silos that rarely work together. This can be different business units, but also departments such as ICT, Marketing, Corporate Communication, etc. “As long as the pillarization stands in the way of innovation, individual departments will take small steps and the radical improvements in service provision will remain unaffected,” explains Holthuis. “The danger is that new players will jump in and radically change the market in a short period of time.”

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