Link building with images in 3 steps

Rusty Chain by Click

Link building with images in 3 steps

The Art of Linkbuilding by Bloeise

Do you get them too? Requests for a link exchange. Often from relatively lesser sites compared to your own site. Incoming links are important for your link profile, and Google looks at that when determining the search results. Following my 2 blogs about finding and creating royalty-free images, a blog about blog link building with images in 3 steps. Would you rather hand it over? Then view our service Link building.

Find images – step 1
Rusty Chain by Click

I'm looking for a picture of a necklace, there are probably more English results, so I search chain in a number of free photo archives. I like the picture above Rusty Chain on, with the restriction that I may not resell or distribute it under my own name, but I may edit and use the photo.

Edit image – step 2

The Art of Linkbuilding by Bloeise

I'm going to and upload the photo. I do a number of edits: cropping with cropping, color filter, adjust lighting, add banners and text. Voila. A own free-to-use image.

Share image with Attribution – step 3

Bloeise on Flickr is the most used medium to share and find photos. Make your own Flickr account on, and think about it upload from the image to the following:

  • Use the right one title, Description and tags so that your photo is found well.
  • Set the rights (licensing) on Attribution. Your photo may only be used if the source is acknowledged to you.
  • Clearly indicate in the description of your photo and in your profile how attribution works: with a working link to your website. This must be a DOFOLLOW link, not a NOFOLLOW link. (otherwise it won't help you)

Link building

Bloeise image at

Bloeise image at, original from Keyword not provided article

This has already provided Bloeise with 3 valuable links. And the great thing is: once you've shared a good image, you don't have to do anything about it!

Two more points: I first made this blog with a photo that I found via Google Images, but it turned out that there were attribution rights on it. So had to do it again. And if you regularly do link building, it is useful to also see whether your images are getting the right attribution. You can do this via a Google notification on your company name, then you will receive a notification when your company is mentioned on a new page. Or via Google Images search on your image, you will see where Google sees it.

If you find copyrights a tricky subject, consider making your own photos or material available.

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