Make your website easier to find in Google: 10 tips

How findable is your website in Google?

Make your website easier to find in Google: 10 tips

Making your website easier to find in Google starts with realizing that it is ultimately about the visitors. You want to address the right people, help with information and have an action taken on your site. If you keep the visitor in mind when setting up your website, Google will follow automatically.

In the Google Webmaster Guidelines Google clearly states: do not optimize your website for us, but for your visitors. All Google wants is to give their users an optimal experience. This means that when you search for 'findability in Google', you will get search results that really help you further. If you click on a search result and two seconds later you click back, Google will know: that site did not help.

Google tip 1: register your website with Google Webmaster Tools

Verification GWT

By this I do not mean submitting the URL of your website to Google, but verifying it with Google Webmaster Tools. Here you can pass on all kinds of important information to Google, such as which country your .com website is aimed at. And you can pass your site index, so that Google can fully index your website.

Google tip 2: think of blind visitors

Website easier to find by taking blind people into account

Almost two percent of the Dutch population has a visual impairment. But they also used the internet. How do they do that? With software that reads everything. This is done cleverly: first the title of the page, then the headings and only then the text. The tag of an image is read alt-image. However, if your image is called 'DSC345.jpg', that means nothing to blind visitors. A heading 'Kaasmarkt' is less clear than 'Kaasmarkt Alkmaar' or 'Kaasmarkt Hoorn'. If you take blind visitors into account, you will automatically optimize your website for Google and become easier to find.

Google tip 3: visitors use smartphone or tablet

make discoverable for mobile and tablet - Zombie Mobile Apocalypse

More than 50 percent of Google's search traffic goes through a smartphone or tablet: that is mobile traffic. Is your website mobile friendly? This means that you have a separate mobile website version or that your website is responsive. There Google this test in front of. If someone is looking for mobile and your website is not mobile-friendly, your website will be shown less quickly by Google. Also think about your images: detailed photos quickly become unclear on mobile. A better experience on mobile also ensures better findability.

Google tip 4: a fast website

Website easier to find thanks to speedtest Google - Website why u so slow

A slow website: that doesn't make anyone happy. Reason for Google to place fast websites above slow websites in the search results. Google has a super handy test for this too: Google Speed Test. Enter your website and you can see how fast your website is per mobile and desktop. A score below 70 is really cause for action. Send the link to your website builder to address this. Do it yourself? For WordPress, the free one helps W3 Total Cache Plugin, this allows you to set the loading of the various components (caching), so that not everything is loaded immediately and the visitor sees your website faster.

Time for a new website?

Are you reading this and you think: it is actually time for a new website. But how do you do that? Where do you start? Bloomse supports the entire process from website objectives, strategy, to website design, website creation and online marketing. So that your website does what it has to do: bring in new customers and generate revenue. Read more about have a website made.

Google tip 5: a safe website

Make website safe for better findability in Google - One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor - Boromir - LOTR

What makes your website secure? An HTTPS in your URL, as you can see at the top: As a visitor you have a secure connection to this website. A hacker can't see anything you do on a secure website. Google thinks that is very important and values websites with HTTPS higher than websites with only HTTP. Setting up a certificate can be done fairly easily with most hosting parties. Otherwise, ask your website administrator. Bloomse can also help with this through partners.

Google tip 6: start from a need

Many websites want to sell something. You sell by understanding your customer: what does he want to know? What questions does he have? What concerns does he have? What other solutions does he have for his problem? By answering these questions, your website will get better. A good way to do this is to put yourself in your visitor's shoes:

  1. Think of your customer: is it a he or a she? Age? Education? Work? What problem does he want to solve? What questions are there around that need?
  2. Search your website as a customer. What keywords does he use? Which websites are shown? Which search results best match the search? How does your own website come across?
  3. Visit your own website. Are you directly addressed as a target group? Or are you as a senior confronted with photos of families? How quickly do you find answers to your questions? What information are you still missing? Would you buy something on your own website right now?

Google tip 7: put your information in the right form

Increase website findability through content in clear form - Jackie Chan confused meme

Information has many forms. On this page you will find a blog with illustrative images. You can also tell your story in a downloadable PDF, in an infographic, an interview, a schedule, audio, video, an embbed tweet, a photo series…. A different form can make your story stronger and, above all, clearer. It also makes your website easier to find, because Google likes to show different forms of content such as images and video. There is also less competition on Google.

Google tip 8: make your information findable

Making your website more discoverable by making content more discoverable - meme That-Would-Be-Great

Make your website easier to find in Google by making your information easier to find for your visitors. That means: a search bar at the top, you can browse by category, tags to find similar blogs and not entire blogs on your blog page, but only the title with intro. For an e-commerce site with products, that means multiple filter options based on price, availability, supplier, etc. And product pages can be made clearer by working with tabs. All these extra ways to make your information easier to find results in better visibility in Google. Is your website very outdated and do you not have good options to make your content easy to find? Then it's time for a new one to have a website made.

Google tip 9: use social media

Website easier to find through social media - overly attached girlfriend meme

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are commonly used social media in the Netherlands that ensure relevant clicks to your website. But social media is also important for Google: it tells Google whether your website is popular. Just think about it: Google wants to provide relevant information. An article that is shared a lot on social media will be more relevant than an article that is not shared much. With the free tool Hootsuite you can, for example, schedule tweets: useful to promote a blog article in different ways.

Google tip 10: link building with relationships

Website easier to find through link building - baby fistpumps epic win meme
Links to your website are like voting in an online election. Google thinks that inbound links are very important, but they have to come from relevant websites. So how do you get relevant links? When you consider links as a relationship, you can start by looking at your offline relationships. It makes sense for an offline relationship to also shape it online. So which partners, suppliers and customers do you have? Do they already have a link to your website? If not, you can easily ask them when you speak to them or in a friendly email.

Outsource link building?

Do you want more links to your website? Link building is crucial, but also a profession in its own right. That's why many companies choose to outsource link building.

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