Make your WordPress website super fast with these plug-ins


Make your WordPress website super fast with these plug-ins

Guest blog by Jannick Nijholt van SoHosted

WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) by websites worldwide, only not all website owners are aware of how to make their WordPress website faster. A fast website is important because fast websites appear higher in the search results of search engines and because visitors leave a fast website less quickly. In this guest blog, I recommend two plugins that can ensure that your WordPress website becomes lightning fast.


Autoptimize is a plugin that can do many kinds of optimizations for your WordPress website. This plugin is mainly strong at running Minify on CSS and Javascript files. Minify is a method by which the critical CSS and Javascript files are merged. A WordPress website often contains a lot of these CSS and Javascript files, especially if a theme is installed with many features.

Merging these files ensures that fewer files are loaded when visiting your website. The number of CSS and Javascript files can then go from 50 to only 10 /15. This ensures that visitors have to request and load a much smaller number of these files. By using Minify with the Autoptimize plug-in you can get a big speed gain when your website is loaded by visitors.

WP Fastest Cache

In addition to using Autoptimize to merge CSS and Javascript files, the plugin WP Fastest Cache recommended. This plugin ensures that every page on your website is made into a static version, also known as caching.

A static page is a page that no longer needs PHP. PHP is a scripting language that makes websites dynamic. This ensures that when you post a new blog entry on your WordPress website, it will automatically appear on your blog page, without you having to edit this page.

If you do not use caching, the server will generate the website again for each visitor using PHP. If you have multiple visitors to your website who are all using PHP at the same time, this can affect the speed of your website.

WP Fastest Cache prevents the website from having to be regenerated with PHP for every visitor, so that your website can be loaded even faster in collaboration with Autoptimize.

Additional tips

Of course, these plugins are not the only solution for making your WordPress website faster. I would like to give you a number of tips that ensure that your website can become even faster.

  • Update to the highest possible PHP version
  • Update WordPress to the latest version
  • In addition to the above plugins, use as few plugins as possible. In addition to speeding up, plugins can also slow down your website considerably.
  • Test the speed of your WordPress website before and after activating the plugins and following these tips. The best way to do this is with GTMetrix.

Then one more golden tip: mmake backups of your WordPress installation. If something goes wrong, you can easily restore a backup!

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