Marketing with pens? Five reasons why that's smart

Marketing with pens

Marketing with pens? Five reasons why that's smart

The sensible entrepreneur is always thinking about his next thoughtful marketing step. Printing pens is an option that is regularly reviewed. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs choose not to pursue that option, for all kinds of reasons. And that's a shame, because marketing with pens can be very smart and does you no harm. In this blog we explain why that is the case.

Why marketing with pens is often unfairly written off

But first: why are more and more entrepreneurs rejecting the idea of printing pens? This choice is based on a few different erroneous assumptions.

First, people wrongly assume that pens are hardly used anymore. Everything is going digital, right? Nobody will deny that we live in a digitizing world, but we will always continue to do and we will write right still a lot for business purposes. The pen is already spacious five thousand years old and therefore did not disappear from the face of the earth overnight. People like to take notes on paper, during a conversation or meeting. In addition, writing down information leads to a much better understanding of that information remember than when you type it. So it's no surprise that most students are still sitting in class with pen and paper.

Secondly, entrepreneurs often make the incorrect assessment that such a printed pen will ultimately do nothing. It only costs money, you hear, and it has no demonstrable effect. Quite apart from the fact that the direct 'effect' of offline marketing initiatives is in any case more difficult to make clear than that of online marketing tools, this assumption is simply unsubstantiated and also not based on truth. In most cases, using pens in your marketing mix is very sensible, because there are various advantages to it.

What are those benefits? We have listed the five most important reasons for you.

Reason 1: they are used


Yes, pens are used. That sounds like a huge clincher, but more than half of the free products that are given away as give-aways to customers or relations of a company or organization end up in the trash within a week. This is not only a waste of money, but also unnecessarily harmful to the environment. When you give away printed pens, you know one thing for sure: it won't just be thrown away. When was the last time you threw away a perfectly working pen? Exactly.

Reason 2: they last a long time and you simply give them away

If you do invest in a marketing-related product, you also want to benefit from your investment for as long as possible. A cake with your logo on it is nice, but is gone after one day. In two years' time, that pen will still be advertising in a pen tray somewhere.

You simply give away pens. Hardly anyone will refuse them, because a pen is never in the way and people prefer to have them readily available in various places in the home and office. There's nothing more annoying than having a goodie to give away and then being continuously denied. You will lose those pens.

Reason 3: They often change owners

why use printed pens

The average pen has seven different owners in its (often long) life. With which other give-away you reach an average of seven different recipients? You are often happy if you reach a second person at all with one goodie, let alone an average of seven. The pen is quite unique in this regard, making it a no-brainer to include in your marketing mix.

Reason 4: they provide unconscious advertising and brand awareness

Pens are seen, it's that simple. They lie on desks, counters, in pencil trays or emerge from briefcases. Ice scrapers, powerbanks, all nice and nice to give away as goodies – especially if you think they can support your marketing! – but you don't see them in plain sight every day now. Pens do, and they relatively often provide unconscious advertising and brand awareness. We often borrow a pen quickly, and if it's printed with a logo or company name, we'll look at it anyway always quickly to. We're almost curious what's on that pen. Now that is unconscious advertising.

Reason 5: the costs are not too bad

Finally, entrepreneurs who decide not to have pens printed often underestimate how cheap pen printing actually is. Especially if you order a large batch at once. You can do that too, because how often does your company logo or company name change? Such a huge box of pens you can effortlessly leave in a pantry for a few years without them aging. The costs per pen are therefore not too bad, which once again underlines: it is not so crazy, marketing with pens.

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