More and more Dutch people are going back to the office

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More and more Dutch people are going back to the office

Since February 8, there has been an upward trend in the number of people returning to the office. This is evident from an analysis by software developer Mapiq among more than 64,000 employees. To facilitate the return to the office in a safe way, Mapiq has mapped out how often Dutch people now work from the office.

This shows that since the opening of primary schools, the number of employees who go to the office has more than doubled (an increase of 126%). This increase started after the opening and is visible in both medium and large companies. Although more people are going to the office, they don't stay there longer on average. On average, employees are in the office 1.96 days a week. That is a similar number as before the reopening of primary schools, according to the data that covers the period 1 January 2021 to 28 March 2021.

The data also shows that after the curfew was immediately instituted on January 23, 2021, significantly fewer people went to the office. In the period January 23 to February 8, the number of office workers decreased by eleven percent, before rising again. In addition to Dutch employees, the dataset also examined employees from other European countries, a total of about 20,000. Within Europe*, the increase in employees returning to the office is less steep. The number of people going to the office in Europe has increased by 12 percent since January 2021.

Safe workplaces
The Mapiq smart office platform and the data from it provide companies with insight into their office occupancy and required capacity, but also show, for example, how many workplaces can be used safely, taking into account, for example, the one and a half meter measure and the rules regarding group sizes. Sander Schutte, CEO of Mapiq: “We see that more and more people are finding it difficult to only work from home. We also see that when people really have to go to the office because there is no other option, they do want to do it 'safely'. They consciously work at a safe distance from each other or go to the office on less busy days. Technology helps them to make better choices.”

The full report is here to watch.

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