More sustainable living through smart home

More sustainable living through smart home

More sustainable living through smart home

Do you always forget to turn off the lights when you go to work in the morning? Or do you suddenly realize on your way to the airport that the heating is still on? It happens to the best of us, but it is not very durable. Fortunately there are now smart solutions that make your life easier and more sustainable. No idea where to start? We help you on your way.

Efficient lighting

Smart lighting makes your life easier and saves energy. For example, you can set lights to turn on and off automatically at fixed times, or when you walk into or out of a room. In any case, smart lamps ensure that the chance is a lot smaller that they are left on unnecessarily. Is this happening? Then you can often check this via an app and then turn them off remotely.

Sustainable heating

Another good step towards a more sustainable home can be a smart thermostat to be. This means that your heating is only on when you are at home and you save energy. For example, you have a very user-friendly thermostat from the brand tado. You can control this remotely with the accompanying app and link it to your Google Assistant, so you can also control it with your voice.

Smart blinds

With smart blinds, solar sensors monitor the temperature and sunlight around your home. At high temperatures, the blinds automatically lower. This ensures that your house does not heat up too much in the summer. Are the temperatures just starting to drop? Then the system ensures that as much light as possible enters and your house can be heated up a bit by the sun.

Smart Plugs

You would like to make your home smarter and more sustainable, but you think it is still too big a step to replace all your appliances at once. We understand that. Fortunately, there are also smart plugs, with which you can make your normal devices smart. For example, you can connect your television or coffee machine to this. You can then also control it with an app and have it work according to schedules. So you never have to worry about accidentally leaving them on, because you can easily check this in the app.

Electric charging station

Do you already drive a electric car? Then a charging station at home is indispensable if you want to make your life more sustainable and efficient. Of course you have the costs of purchase and installation, but in the end it is cheaper. You are also not bound by loading times, where you stand still for a long time in a public place. You simply plug in the charger in the evening and you can leave the next morning with a full battery.

Investing in solar panels

Do you really want to take sustainability seriously? Then you can think about investing in solar panels. This is a golden combination with a smart home. For example, it is possible to run a number of your smart devices only when the sun is shining and the yield of your solar panels is maximum. Think, for example, of energy guzzlers such as a washing machine or dryer.

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