More transparency through the internet


More and more people are using the internet. Looking up something quickly what does that car look like that everyone is talking about? Watching movies, listening to music, looking at photos and especially buying stuff online at the webshop. All from the couch or even the food.

And there's more…

But all that is not yet transparent. Everyone can see, read and hear everything on the internet. Almost everyone can also contribute to it, by writing something for it, for example putting a video on it or selling your stuff on it. Still not transparent. Is it all true that what can be found on the internet? Or is it all advertising and sometimes even fake news? The cheapest here, the most comprehensive there and the most delicious further down the road. And then comes the beauty of the internet!


That's the beauty of the internet, comparing. Look here, look there, read here, read something else there. Learning, learning and growing. Then the internet becomes transparent. Then it actually makes itself transparent and clear. Because it itself offers the possibility to compare several things and things with each other. Anyone can do that and with whatever business. Whether it's about news, stuff, cars, climate change or energy. Fortunately, nowadays there is also the energy comparator.

Grow online

We all grow online. We grow with the internet. Also the entrepreneur grows online. It now knows how to reach people in all kinds of ways and will continue to try to encourage shoppers to make purchases. If that is transparent, that is certainly allowed and also nice. Online shopping is wonderful. The Internet is already almost everywhere and it is impossible to imagine life without it. Fortunately, more and more people are able to experience and use the Internet. That certainly ensures transparency. People learn more and more and more all get a voice. People are empowered to make choices, to choose. Let's all make good and extensive use of it!


There is internet. There is internet for everyone (well, almost for everyone). Everyone has the opportunity to choose something. Watch out for fake newsAfter all, there are always characters and authorities who want to influence public opinion, but hurray for the transparencies among us. Those who want to make it clear that there are multiple options. The energy comparator is one of them. So there are many. It can be used and learned from. Share the experiences!

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