Native advertising & content marketing 2016 (PDF)

Native Advertising Content Marketing Study Netherlands 2016

Native advertising & content marketing 2016 (PDF)

Recently, every blog on Bloeise has a nice block with relevant blogs. Developed by media technology company Strossle, this uses Artificial Intelligence to determine who gets to see which suggestions. So that you as a reader get relevant content for you. Strossle conducted a study on native advertising & content marketing. Unfortunately, the figures given are from the content marketing Institute and so 'we at WC duck advise WC duck', but the article does provide a nice overview of the current trends and developments around content marketing. For native advertising, the adblocker is also discussed, an important development at the interface between content (what you want to read) and advertising (what you don't want to see), exactly where native advertising is located.

Native advertising tips

Some useful tips for native advertising are also given:

  • Provide an image in which the product is placed in a realistic situation (so not just a product
    photo in photo studio).
  • Use real people and not models in a real environment (so again not in the studio).
  • Make sure the headline is no more than 150 characters and the text below it no more than 300 characters.
  • Keep experimenting and take advantage of the possibilities on mobile.
  • Make Native Advertisement campaigns a regular part of the media budget.
  • Success takes time: Look-Click-Buy does not exist!

View the Native Advertising & Content Marketing Study Netherlands 2016 here.

Native advertising is now also possible on Bloeise. View the advertising options of sponsored content and advertorials.


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