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Anyone who has ever shopped online will recognize how important reviews can be when choosing a product or company. Especially, but not exclusively, hospitality businesses are increasingly dependent on their online image. A series of excellent or destructive reviews can change the future of a newly opened brasserie make or break. has been clever in responding to this since 2015 and has an ambitious goal: reliable, objective reviews of all companies in the Netherlands. But does that work a bit? And should you register your own company on We looked it up for you.

Review services for entrepreneurs

Especially for starting entrepreneurs – in every industry in fact – satisfied customers are worth their weight in gold if they express their positive opinion online. So it sounds tempting as a company to try to be as present as possible on sites like Via Google and facebook you can of course also receive and try to collect reviews, but such platforms are not primarily intended to exchange customer experiences. NederlandReview is and also offers some extra services for entrepreneurs:

  1. For example, once your company is registered, you can widget that you can place on your own site. The widget shows your average rating and the most recent reviews of your company. In this way you create a positive image on your own company's website, without falling into a we-from-toilet-duck story. Visitors can click through on the reviews and see that you did not post them yourself, but that these are regular consumers who have left their opinion.
  2. A second, very handy service van NederlandReview is the proactive pursuit of customer experiences. Once your company is registered, NederlandReview will approach your customers after they have made a purchase from you. They do this at the right time – not too soon after their purchase, but not too long either – and ask for an objective judgment. This way you will receive more, hopefully positive, reviews. We don't have to explain to you that more positive reviews immediately lead to more sales. So nice service!
  3. Own company page. NederlandReview collects all reviews of your company in one place for you review company page on their site, dedicated specifically to your business. By means of a strong SEO example, they also ensure that this page ranks high in the Google ranking. Potential customers will therefore be able to find this easily.

Objective and user-friendly

Write a review about companies is a dedicated review site where you cannot order anything. That sets it apart from sites like Tripadvisor or a product review on NederlandReview looks very objective and has no interest in a positive or negative score of a company.

On it is also very easy for a visitor to compare and contrast different brands or companies in a certain industry. The site also excels in ease of use. And, super-relevant for companies that are sometimes unfairly vilified by consumers or even competitors: reviews they don't trust are dropped. The origin of a review is traced with email confirmations and IP address checks.

Certainly interesting for SMEs and freelancers

Whether a registration on NederlandReview is interesting for your company, depends. The number of reviews on the website is currently a bit disappointing. After all, the site has only been around for a few years and large, well-known companies often have only a few dozen reviews, where you would expect hundreds of reviews.

That is why especially small companies benefit from the services of NederlandReview: you start collecting reviews proactively and a small number of reviews already meet expectations. The service of is also completely free, so you can in no way fall for it. And fair is fair: the service provided as described above is worth a lot more than a simple star system such as google that lasts.


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