.NL is losing popularity due to the emergence of new extensions

.NL is losing popularity due to the emergence of new extensions

.NL is losing popularity due to the emergence of new extensions

New extensions .shop, .online and .fun grew in 2019

AMSTERDAM, January 28, 2020 – The growth in the number of domain names of the Dutch extension .nl is slowing down. Domain names of new extensions, such as .shop, .online and .fun, are on the rise. This is apparent from the domain name research conducted by Hostnet.

.nl growth has been declining since 2013

The growth spurt that .nl previously experienced has been decreasing since 2013. In that year the number of domain names increased by 5.3% (SIDN, 2019). Last year this was only 1.3%. Although more than the 0.7% in 2018, .nl no longer reaches the level of the past. “If you look at the number of .nl domain names in the past 8 years, you can clearly see that growth is leveling off,” says Bas Schouten, Product Manager Domain Names at Hostnet.

New extensions increasingly popular

Domain names of new extensions, on the other hand, are increasingly popular. In 2019, they grew together with 19.1%. To give an example: .shop increased by 3.9% compared to 2018 (Ntldstats, 2019). The .online extension even grew by 34.3%. The biggest winner is .fun with an increase of 212.8%.

The popularity of new extensions is partly due to the fact that (short) domain names with traditional extensions, such as .nl and .com, are already taken. Schouten: “There is a greater chance that entrepreneurs with new extensions will register a domain name that is shorter, more relevant and more recognizable.”

Future vision: New extensions continue to grow

New extensions are expected to perform well in 2020 and beyond. Schouten: “The issuing authorities invest a lot of time and money in new extensions. For example, they offer a promotional price or advertise to generate brand awareness. Subsequently, you will increasingly come across websites on the internet that have a domain name with a new extension. This makes them more common with the public.”

It is certain that the extensions that will be issued in the coming years will take over a large or small part of the market. In addition, Schouten expects that they will gain an increasing market share together in the future. “I'm curious how the traditional extensions deal with the threat of the new extensions,” says Schouten.

Read more about the domain name research: https://www.hostnet.nl/nieuws/domain name search-2020.

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