Online addiction: Five tips for a digital detox!


Do you always want to be online and reachable? Is your life on the internet more important than your real life? Are you neglecting school, work, friends or your hobbies? Do you sleep badly? Maybe you are addicted to the internet or social media. Is it in your way and do you want to get rid of it? Then read the following tips that can help you with this.

FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out

A round of channel zapping. Scan news sites and F5. Scroll your timeline endlessly. They are symptoms of the same thoughts: that there is an experience that others have that you are missing. You're wasting your time when you can actually do something much nicer. If you can only find it. 

Recognizable? We all have it. But if you find that you're actually spending too much time on social media than you want to, you may be addicted online.

Five tips for a digital detox

  1. Acknowledge your problem. Check how much time you spend on the internet. Special apps are available for this. It may be confrontational, but it does help to understand the problem.
  2. Turn off the sound. The notifications from all apps usually only distract from what you're doing. Check your e-mails at fixed times, for example twice a day. Turn off your mobile in the evening and adjust it again the next day.
  3. Take small steps. Don't expect to get rid of your addiction in one day. Set realistic goals. Use a real alarm clock instead of the alarm on your phone. Let those around you know that you are doing a 'detox'. Start with 24 hours offline, and build it up slowly.
  4. Think of fun activities. What did you like to do before you were stuck behind the screen? Get active again with activities such as sports, reading and cooking with friends, which you can do in the time you normally spend in front of a screen. Make the appointment to completely switch off your mobile.
  5. Are you unable to kick the habit on your own? Then contact your doctor. He can refer you to a specialized clinic. Or contact an organization specialized in addiction such as Trubendorffer. Addiction care is reimbursed from your basic insurance.

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