Making money online in 2020: keep working hard

Making money online is hard work

Making money online in 2020: keep working hard

Online has been growing for years and in 2020 a lot of entrepreneurs will again resort to the digital highway in an attempt to do business successfully. That is not surprising, because the number of transactions via online channels is increasing worldwide every year and where demand grows, supply often grows as well. However, that certainly doesn't mean the money is up for grabs. In fact, making money online is hard work. We are happy to help you on your way with a number of tips to earn your living online in 2020.

Make a name through branding

With a good branding strategy you ensure that the 'story' of your company comes across well to your customer. In short: the reason that you climb out of your nest every day to offer your customers your products or services. There must have been – besides wanting or having to earn money – another reason for setting up your company. Communicate these reason(s) in a creative way with customers and in this way express your right to exist in your customer communication, for example on your website. It may surprise you, but most customers buy not with the party with the lowest price in the market. They base their choice on something else. You influence that choice with branding. That's how you build customer loyalty and customer loyalty.

Show your added value

Promoting the value you add from a customer perspective is actually the other side of the branding medal. Where branding is mainly based on yourself and your company (why does my company exist, what do I stand for, what do I want to achieve with my entrepreneurship), when propagating your added value, you mainly think from a customer perspective. Why should a customer buy from you right now? What do you offer extra compared to your competitors? And why is that valuable in the customer's life? State the answers to these questions (and more importantly: keep your promises) concretely in your customer communication and also ensure a good after-sales process. So check whether customers are satisfied with the way in which they have been helped by you and whether the value you have promised has also been experienced in that way by your customers.

Market yourself

Also in 2020 there are still entrepreneurs who think they can get away with it build your own website or webshop and then sit back, waiting for orders that will never come. It's like opening the front door of your store without a sign on the front and nothing in the window. If you don't say you exist, no one will look. And with the growing number of online entrepreneurs, the importance of online marketing is also growing. There are a lot of online marketing tools available and for those who are completely inexperienced, there are also good training courses available. Do realize that without a solid marketing strategy (think of email marketing, an SEO strategy, being active on social media and using influencers) you will no longer be able to manage. You don't compete online with the shops left and right next to you, but with Amazon, and Coolblue. Serious competition, then.

Think from your passion

Finally, in everything you do, if you're just doing it to get rich, forget it. make money online is and continues to work hard and distinguishing yourself becomes a bigger challenge every year. That doesn't mean it's impossible, but it helps a lot if you offer or sell something you're passionate about. Being extremely busy all day long with something you love, it's quite manageable. Persistence wins, also online, but you have to be able to sustain that with motivation. So always follow your passion.

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  • Running a business is always hard work. People often think of it as a hobby and don't realize that it's just like a normal full-time job, and often takes a lot more time.

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