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Every company looks for ways to get in touch with potential customers. Campaigns are set up, budgets thrown over the bar and a lot of man-hours are deployed. Suppose it can be done differently, just with one online magazine.

Tying and fascinating

An online magazine is nothing more than a tool to bind your target group. You can use the online magazine for any purpose. If you want to tell more about your product or service, make sure there are stories from your customers. Do you prefer to focus on bringing in leads (contact details)? Contact forms and call to actions are added with two clicks of a button.

Online magazine as an inspiration tool

The distinctive character of an online magazine compared to an offline magazine lies in the various means. Video marketing, podcasting, photography, animations, gifs, text. You give a completely different experience than just text and photography. If everything is correct, you bind the target group to your brand for longer than six minutes. In an online era with all commercial incentives, that is certainly something unique.

Commercialization of an online magazine

The commercial use of an online magazine, what are you going to say? You tell your story, but not as a promotional message. The reader must see the added value of the product or service without getting the feeling of seeing an advertising message. It should therefore not be advertising. Tell a story about how your product makes life easier, what was the consideration to start the company, interview an employee about the importance of a relationship with a customer. When you add the right call to action, the lead is ready in no time.

Distributing the online magazine

How do you distribute the online magazine? Of course on the social media channels, but beyond? This is one of the more difficult things. If you have a large online group, you are 1-0 ahead. If you start from scratch, then it becomes more difficult. You need mail addresses (leads). And preferably mail addresses that are subdivided into specific groups. The requirements are: name, surname, company, e-mail address, position and phase within the marketing strategy. Is the lead a familiar one of us? Is the lead already a customer? The call to action with a discount code is not relevant for someone who has just purchased a product, but for someone who has visited the webshop and has not purchased anything. Deliver customized work!


Finally, you naturally want to know what the benefits are. By a Google analytics code to place in the online magazine, you know exactly where and when the reader lingers, flows out and wants more information. Quite handy because every marketer and entrepreneur knows the pronunciation:

"Half the money I spend on marketing is waisted, the problem is: I don't know which half"

Go deeper and tell the story. That way you get fans, not customers. And fans buy your product and promote it for you for free.

Guest blog by TienProducties



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