Online marketing: four trends in 2020


Online marketing (or sometimes referred to as digital marketing) is the lifeblood of countless modern businesses. It is not without reason that this form of marketing is one of the most developing and sensitive to trends. Technological developments in online marketing follow each other in rapid succession and this will be no different in 2020. Four trends will define the online marketing landscape in 2020.

The growth of voice

Voice of virtual assistants: they are popping up like mushrooms and are causing consumers worldwide to get used to the phenomenon. It's no longer crazy to speak to your Alexa, your Siri or your Google Assistant. About five years ago, it might have been a gimmick mainly used by teenagers in a schoolyard, who asked Siri funny questions and then doubled over the answers. Today, voice is a serious way that people start searches and look for products and services. Google Assistant is now used by more than 500 million people, not 500 million teenagers. The fact that people start radically different searches via voice than they would via typed text - longer, more specific and with open questions - opens completely new doors and challenges for the online marketer.

artificial intelligence

AI: after voice, another huge concept that will indelibly change our future. Where previously the marketer was completely in control and determined what an online marketing campaign looked like, in the future he is working on perfecting the process of machine learning. The marketing machine may have been a metaphor in the past; in the (near) future it will become reality. AI will have such a major impact on, among other things, online marketing that it is difficult to look too far into the future. The only brake that the development of AI still seems to experience is the ethical discussion about the impact of AI on society. Because do we want to be confronted all around us with marketing campaigns that are specifically tailored to our personal characteristics, characters and interests? One thing is certain: the development is unstoppable and will continue in 2020.

More video, less time

One hundred years ago, mankind thought that in the future there would only be free time. Machines would do the work and man could relax. The truth is that despite all the technological tools at our disposal, we have only become busier and work more. That is one of the reasons why nobody reads extensive brochures or prospectuses anymore. We act based on emotion and first impressions. The importance of video and video marketing grows every year. Online marketing content preferably consists of short, concise content with which you can quickly convey your message. More video in less time, that seems to be the motto in 2020.

big data

Finally, it is somewhat implicit in the rise of AI: big data. We are becoming increasingly capable of converting human behavior into data and learning from it. The online marketer spends 52 weeks a year performing measurements and tests to optimize campaigns. The huge bin of data is growing day by day, especially at larger companies. Ultimately, that bin of data will be the breeding ground for massive machine learning, but until then it is up to the online marketer to convert data into campaigns and smart solutions. especially if you not at one of the largest market players (think of the Amazons of this world) works, this is one of your only weapons for not being blown away by ever-growing industry leaders in the medium term.

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