Opportunities for B2B e-commerce: almost 40% of business Netherlands orders online

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Opportunities for B2B e-commerce: almost 40% of business Netherlands orders online

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Ede, September 19, 2019 – Almost 40% of business Netherlands has placed an online order for the company in the past year. Business buyers mainly order office supplies online, but also product categories that you would not expect online, such as machines or tractors, are already ordered exclusively online for a quarter. This is apparent from the first B2B E-commerce Market Monitor, a large-scale study into the behavior and preferences of business online buyers in B2B e-commerce, which Multiscope conducted on behalf of Thuiswinkel.org and PostNL among 5,421 Dutch employees.

“Consumers have been accustomed to making purchases online for years, and this trend is now extending to business buyers. Because online stores are also professionalizing in the B2B field, business buyers can save a lot of time and money by easily making their purchases online. The amounts involved in business purchases require reliable webshops and we see that business webshops have really started to catch up in that area. They are getting faster, smarter and more user-friendly. In addition, we see that many web stores that originally only sold to consumers are now also selling to business buyers and vice versa,” says Wijnand Jongen, director of Thuiswinkel.org.”

Business orderer profile is diverse

There are major differences in the extent to which online orders are placed within sectors. Business Services orders the most online: 50% of the orderers indicate that they have placed an order online. Wholesalers order by far the most online orders: an average of 275 per year. That is more than three times as many orders as other types of companies do. Producers spend the most with an average of € 83,568 per year. This is more than one and a half times more than the average buyer spends at a wholesaler, after producers who spend the most per year. Managers (68%) and buyers (65%) in particular order online, but it is striking that operational functions (22%) are already placing orders online.

More and more large and specialist products are ordered online

Office supplies are ordered most online (39% of business online buyers indicate that they order office supplies), followed by computers and peripherals (34%). But the research also shows that a quarter of large, specialist products such as machines, tools, tractors and means of transport are already ordered online.

Business buyer selects mainly on price

About 70% of the business buyers indicate that they compare online stores on price. In addition, 59% selects online stores from the business orderers on aspects such as delivery speed, choice of carrier or delivery at a specific time.

Opportunities for b2b e-commerce

Time saving is the most important reason for 40% of the buyers to order online. But there are also barriers: one in three buyers wants to see and feel the products. There are opportunities here for web stores: correct product information in images and text can greatly stimulate online sales. The full study contains many insights with which B2B e-commerce can grow further.


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