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The use of Instagram in the Netherlands has grown explosively in recent years, especially among young people and young adults. The number of active Dutch Instagrammers has doubled since 2016 and Instagram is already more popular than Facebook, for example, in the youngest target group (users up to and including 19 years old). The no fewer than 4.1 million Dutch users, more than half of whom are even active on the platform daily, make the photo app an undisputedly interesting platform for advertisers. Those who want to reach people in the age category up to 39 years with their advertisements simply can no longer afford to Instagram Marketing away. But how do you go about that, successfully advertising on Instagram? 

Why advertise on Instagram?

Instagram is the social medium par excellence where your visual message is many times more important than your written message. Instagram users are sensitive to photos that they find beautiful, inspiring, or interesting for other reasons. If you succeed in presenting your product or brand in a visually very attractive way, you will be liked by these users.

Because Instagram is part of facebook, when starting a campaign on Instagram, you have the option to very specifically define your audience. That makes setting up a targeted campaign a lot easier. Furthermore, do not forget that Instagram, much more than Facebook, for example, is mainly used on mobile. As a result, a campaign in which you only show your content to users in a certain location can be extra interesting.

Advertising on Instagram: how do you do that?

Advertising tips Instagram

Once you've been convinced of the power of an Instagram campaign and you've managed to put together your target audience, the real work begins. Because what does a successful Instagram campaign look like? The best ads on Instagram fall under the heading sponsored content. This means that at first sight your ad does not differ from the regular content that users share among themselves. Because of your ad qua look & feel completely absorbed in the user generated content on Instagram, the average user will not realize that he is looking at advertisements. This will be blend mentioned: your content 'mixes' perfectly with other Instagram posts.

The most popular Instagram users are popular because they tell a clear story: a story. They don't randomly post snapshots, but take their followers into their lives or mission. It is almost a form of real-life fiction, where an interesting story is told through visual impressions. A successful Instagram campaign does the same. So tell the story of your product or brand through visually strong posts. A simple photo of your product, or an illustration in which pieces of text have been processed, are therefore absolute not done. Instagrammers are not crazy and will immediately realize that you want to sell them something. Not good for your image.

In addition to photos and illustrations, you can choose videos in your Instagram campaign. You'll have to keep your audience hooked for longer – they have to watch your video after all – but a good video can be worth its weight in gold. You can close such a video with a well-considered call to action.

Three tips for your Instagram campaign

  1. Do your homework and be careful target audience specific off. Instagram offers the power of Facebook when it comes to defining your target audience. Take advantage of that!
  2. work the story that you want to tell look good and have it provided with feedback. If desired, hire an Instagram marketer. A story that stands out from all the other content is vital!
  3. Make sure you blends. Look critically at your own content. Determine, or have it determined, whether your campaign does indeed look like inspiring, visual content. After all, the last thing you want is to end up in the digital wastebasket with your audience.

Also watch this video with useful tips to get started with Instagram advertising:

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