Press release – ISO initiative to standardize E-sports and online gaming industry

Press release – ISO initiative to standardize E-sports and online gaming industry

Press release – ISO initiative to standardize E-sports and online gaming industry

Competitive online gaming has grown in recent decades from a niche hobby to a multi-billion dollar industry of global size. This growth is accompanied by challenges in areas such as E-sports culture, tournaments, diversity and player identification. NEN is investigating whether Dutch stakeholders are interested in standardization in the field of online gaming and E-sports, or whether they want to join the development of normative documents.

Several standardization bodies have taken the initiative to determine whether international standardization can help professionalize this sector. At ISO level there are currently two different explorations for E-sports and online gaming.

ISO published a White Paper on 'E-sports' on 17 May. This document has been prepared by the German standardization institute DIN. It provides an overview of the challenges faced by the E-sports industry and should initiate a discussion at an international level about possible ways standardization can contribute to solutions. Subsequently, DIN took the initiative to broaden the scope of the technical committee (ISO/TC 83) to include E-sports/virtual sports. For example, E-sports standards could be developed within ISO/TC 83. A final decision on the extension of the scope will be taken in June 2021.

Online gaming
On July 8, a vote will be held on the proposal of the Chinese Standards Institute (SAC) for 'Online Game Term'. This proposal concerns the development of terms and definitions for use in, among other things, research and development, exploitation, management, copyright and production of online games and E-sports, and sale of derivative products. This proposal concerns terminology that can be used throughout the video and online gaming industry.

Poll interest Dutch stakeholders
It is important to determine whether the market needs international standards for E-sports and online gaming and if so, what kind of standards. Stakeholders in the market include E-sports and online gaming players, publishers and developers, tournament organizers, E-sports teams (amateur and professional), sponsors and broadcasters. NEN will hear from Dutch stakeholders whether they are interested in this. If interested, please send an email to

More information
For participation or more information, please contact Merel Wagner, Consultant Agrofood & Consumer, e-mail

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