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In the category submitted press releases State company news about launches, collaborations, prizes or acquisitions. These messages are not the responsibility of the editors.

With the form below you can report news to our editors. The following rules apply:

  • You wear the publication rights for the message to
  • You declare that the information you provide is free of royalty. You indemnify Bloeise against claims by third parties.
  • Also a submitted image must be free of copyright. This is only placed when you also mention the photographer, URL and license in the text. For example: Photo by Pixabay under license CC 2.0
  •  It IP address of the submitter can be registered. This is not made public.
  • The editors checks the text for length, grammar and spelling. Your text can be adjusted to the wishes of the editors.
  • News on is not meant for SEOpractices, for which we offer options such as sponsored content.

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