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One of the most important buttons that you as an entrepreneur can turn is the productivity of your company. This productivity is often determined by the amount of work that your employees can do within the conditions that you create as an entrepreneur. Technological innovations and other trends will help entrepreneurs in 2020 to further optimize these conditions.

With the coronavirus and government measures, working from home has become the new standard. The first three trends in particular will therefore receive an even greater boost. Curious about how you can ensure good productivity as a home worker? Read the 5 working from home tips.

1. Software Improvements

In almost every company, the use of high-quality software is a precondition. Unwieldy systems and slow processes are a millstone around the neck of your productivity and more and more are realizing that entrepreneurs and software manufacturers themselves. Employees waiting for computer systems or wasting time performing workarounds or corrections are all examples of times when your productivity declines.

2. Productivity Tools

There are now also a lot of tools available that positively influence the productivity of your company. For example, the latest version of Microsoft for companies includes MyAnalytics as standard, which gives your employees access to a personal dashboard about their own productivity. Do you spend 90% of your time in meetings? Or just 95% of your time behind your laptop? It can tell you that you may not need to be everywhere, or take some more breaks.

Example: MyAnalytics

MyAnalytics is a great example of an automated tool that can make a positive contribution to the productivity of an entire company. Such tools are on the rise as they automate a lot of reporting and coaching work. So you don't have to free up FTE for this, which in itself stimulates productivity.

3. Business coach

However, it is not possible to immediately put the finger on the sore spot in every company that suffers from disappointing productivity. In that context, the business coach to terrain. A business coach is an external advisor that you temporarily hire to examine your company. The coach reports on his findings and gives you practical tools with which you can gradually optimize the productivity of your company. This makes the business coach an example of an investment that pays for itself in the long run via the productivity axis.

4. The office as a source of inspiration

ZEN river

What we will see more and more in 2020: the office as an inspiration environment instead of a workplace. Because it is becoming easier to work flexibly (and therefore at other locations), more entrepreneurs see their office as a place to meet and inspire each other instead of as a place where you have to work hard. As a result, the layout of offices will change further this year: more chill zones, more plants (and even animals), more colors and more art. On the other hand, there are fewer conference rooms, call rooms and shorter rows of desks. By the way, did you know that employees who can take a short power nap at the office are a lot more productive after such a nap than their colleagues who work continuously?

5. Modern working conditions

In 2020, productivity is therefore closely related to a flexible package of employment conditions. The current generation entering the labor market is more interested in being able to work flexibly, with the latest technological developments in their back pocket and with a healthy work-life balance as a starting point. Being able to exercise at the expense of the business, or healthy lunch, or attention to it mental well-being; these are things that are considered more important than a slightly higher salary. That trend will only continue; the sensible, modern entrepreneur will arm himself against this in good time and make his company future-proof.

Want to see even more productivity trends for 2020? Watch this short video from Tom Haak:

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