Restart for Sissy-Boy: Termeer family business takes over

Takeover Sissy-Boy

Restart for Sissy-Boy: Termeer family business takes over

The Termeer Group - which includes the Sacha and Manfield brands - announced on Friday that they have reached agreement on the acquisition of fashion and lifestyle brand Sissy-Boy. This makes Sissy-Boy part of a family business, as it once started in 1982. And that's good news. “Because family businesses are the backbone of our economy. By including Sissy-Boy in our family, we want to provide the right breeding ground for the strength and potential that the brand has, ”says CEO Ward Termeer.

Life designed by Sissy BoyBo
Sissy-Boy has great added value in the shopping street. More than
For thirty-five years, the brand has stood for inspiration and brings its customers a wide range of products
range of products in other words: Life designed by Sissy-Boy. In recent years, for
Sissy-Boy has been dominated by growth: with 45 stores in the Benelux, it is a brand
with Dutch roots and a global attitude to life. It is important that Termeer de
wants to further strengthen the core of the brand within his family business.

The goal is to keep as many jobs and shops as possible. In the near future will be here
get clarity.

Family business Termeer
Ward Termeer is the fourth generation of the Termeer Group company.
Sacha is the brand name under which the Termeer family's shops have been operating since 1909
serve the fashion world. By supplementing the shoe brands Sacha and Manfield with
a powerful fashion and lifestyle brand such as Sissy-Boy strengthens its position in the
Dutch retail landscape. The acquisition of Sissy-Boy is a logical step within the
Termeer's strategy and leads to a strong fashion & lifestyle formula.

Customer experience
The Termeer family business has a rich history with a passion for fashion and
progressive entrepreneurship. In the changing market, the growth of online
shopping, Sissy-Boy will play an important role. “Retail is more than ever about
customer experience and surprise the customer with your products and service. Sissy Boy is one there
clear example of this. A beautiful brand, with a clear story and from today
another bright future.”, says Ward Termeer.

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