Retail Netherlands industry partner Shopping Awards

Retail Netherlands industry partner Shopping Awards

Retail Netherlands industry partner Shopping Awards

Detailhandel Nederland has become a branch partner of the Shopping Awards. The Shopping Awards Foundation annually presents various awards to the best (web) shopping companies in the Netherlands. The Shopping Awards make a positive contribution to e-commerce – selling products and/or services online to consumers, at home, at work, on the road, on the high street or online in the store. This year the structure has changed. This year, consumers and subject matter experts will determine the winners of the Shopping Awards 2020. On Thursday, March 26, 2020, the Shopping Awards will be presented for the 19th time.

Establishment of results

In the month of February, consumers can vote for online stores and they are asked to rate online stores. For 50%, consumer votes and ratings determine who will win the Shopping Awards in 10 categories. In addition, subject matter experts determine the winners of the Shopping Awards for the other 50%. In February, they will be asked to assess five online stores in five different categories on the basis of five questions.

Renewed design
The aim of the innovation is to make the Shopping Awards more transparent, fairer and therefore better via the Eurovision Song Contest model and the Wisdom of the Crowd principle. This makes the Shopping Awards accessible to everyone and every webshop gets a fair chance to win a Shopping Award.

Why participate?
Of course everyone participates to win! After the award ceremony, each participant will also receive a free report showing the scores (from both consumers and subject matter experts) compared to the benchmark.

There is nothing to prevent online stores from participating and having the online store assessed by consumers and subject matter experts. You can register until January 31, the nominations will be announced at the beginning of March and the winners will be announced on March 26 during the Shopping Awards gala in Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk aan Zee.

About Retail Netherlands
Detailhandel Nederland represents the collective interests of approximately 100,000 retailers in the Netherlands and aims to optimize and strengthen the advocacy of the retail trade in The Hague and Brussels.

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