Write the right content? Be short and to the point


Write the right content? Be short and to the point

Guest blog by Myrthe Kuipers van greencreatives.nl 

Write the right content? How long should the blog post be? When it comes to word count, there are differing opinions on what would be good for an effective content marketing strategy. Since there are no clear rules, it is often assumed that more content is better for the search results. More and more is being written and published more frequently. But is this necessary? More content does not automatically mean that the quality of the content is good. Sometimes short and concise content is the most suitable way to educate your target group. No one will not read a blog article because it is too short, while the opposite is true. I would therefore like to discuss a number of misconceptions about content marketing with you. Because more isn't always better.

Listen to the visitor

Take a look at your web statistics. If you look at this, you will most likely be disappointed in how long an average visiting session actually lasts. Completely logical actually, because the average internet user is in a hurry. Scan quickly, pick out the most important information and move on. The mobile user in particular has a hand in this and does not want long stretches of text. Even so, the moderate session duration is disappointing. Realize that the online visitor has the power. Everything about online activities must become increasingly user-friendly and increasingly geared to the behavior of online users. So in the field of content marketing, don't do the opposite by coming up with an infinite amount of content. Understand the user and therefore keep it short and to the point.

Quality and quantity: two extremes

Roughly speaking, it is often assumed that quality and quantity are two extremes of each other. In practice, larger quantities often get in the way of quality. It should be choosing or sharing: quality or quantity. Roughly speaking then. In the field of content marketing, this does not always mean that the quality decreases with longer blog articles. By quantity I mainly mean the frequency in this case. More and more has to be sent to the internet, which puts pressure on quality. A higher frequency is often accompanied by a lower quality. Therefore, develop a predefined goal and have it continuously refined. At multiple times, by multiple stakeholders. This is the only way to keep the quality high. But also focus on quality, instead of quantity, on what you are really good at.

Take off your media glasses

Everyone is riding on the trend of content marketing these days. Every self-respecting company deploys a content marketing strategy in some way. That in itself is fine, but don't get too excited. Don't forget your roots and what your core business is. Writing the right content has to suit you, your company and brand. That means writing at the right time and in the right way. When you deem it necessary, when you feel comfortable with it. Do not write content because of the content marketing hype or to have your page indexed by Google as quickly as possible. Not even for the 'shares', 'likes' and 'retweets'. Only write content if you really have something to say.

Guest blog by Myrthe Kuipers van greencreatives.nl 


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