SE Ranking Review: How Valuable Is This Tool To Your SEO Strategy?

SE Ranking review

SE Ranking Review: How Valuable Is This Tool To Your SEO Strategy?

Everyone agrees that a good SEO strategy for your online channels is important for every entrepreneur today. More and more entrepreneurs are therefore using SEO tools to get a grip on the quality of that SEO strategy. With such a tool you have a good overview at a glance of what your online presence looks like and where there are opportunities for improvement. One of those tools is SE Ranking, which presents itself as All-in-one SEO software made simple. But how valuable is this tool to your SEO strategy in the end?

Top of Google

The ultimate goal of almost every SEO initiative is simple: rank high (preferably at the top, but at least on the first page) in Google for relevant search terms. There are of course other search engines besides Google to take into account – Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo – but really we just want to be at the top of Google. If we comply properly Google's Webmaster Guidelines then we automatically get a nice place in the search results pages (in English: SERPs, which stands for search engine result pages).

In that context, it is important to have an idea of how your online content, especially your website, is doing in the search engines. This concerns how your website ranks for specific keywords, how your competition is doing, any technical problems of your site and the growth of backlinks. These are all separate SEO functionalities that together influence your success in Google. SE Ranking is a tool that promises to put everything together.

SE Ranking under scrutiny

SE Ranking says to provide SEO gurus with all the necessary SEO tools and various extras on one platform. So it is aimed at SEO professionals, just like SEMrush or Ahrefs is. SE Ranking currently has over 500,000 users and the number of SMEs served is over 12,000. More than 4,000 agencies use the tool to develop strategies for clients. As with all SEO platforms, you add a website with the desired keywords that you want to monitor with the keyword position checker. In addition, you can also enter your competitors to compare the performance. You will then have access to 35 functionalities that come together in the following tools:

  • Keyword check
    SE Ranking keeps track of all registered keywords in real time in terms of position and search volume. For Google of course, but also for Bing and Yahoo. You can geographically restrict searches by country, region, and city.
  • Keyword suggestions
    A keyword research is the starting point for creating relevant content in a content marketing strategy. The most commonly used tool is, of course, Google Keyword Planner, as well as Ubersuggest and SEMrush. SE Ranking also provides this functionality so that one keyword leads to many others, both short and long tail.
  • Group keywords
    Organizing and grouping keywords helps plan new content. SE Ranking also offers the possibility to make combinations of synonyms and words with similar meanings. This allows you to use the semantic field of a keyword in a more efficient way and distribute these terms to content and position them in strategic locations.
  • Backlink Checker
    Google sees backlinks as a vote on your website, and backlinks are an essential pillar in SEO. Google draws its conclusions not only about the amount of links to your website, but also about its quality. Authority and relevance are important parts of this. SE Ranking's baclink checker helps identify low-quality backlinks that are even counterproductive to your SEO. SE Ranking not only checks for backlinks, but also forwards information to Google about links that you may reject.
  • On page SEO
    This functionality is typically completed on WordPress websites by the well-known plugin Yoast SEO (by the Dutchman Joost de Valk!). SE Ranking evaluates the optimization of specific pages and looks at title, meta tags, attributes, links, page structure, loading speed and keyword density.
  • Website analysis
    This feature performs a full audit of your website to detect any issues that could harm both SEO and the visitor user. Think of HTM errors, 404s and broken links, slow pages due to oversized images and problems with scripts.
  • Check changes on pages
    This tool is very useful for anyone who works with a team and where content control is important. In these cases, some professionals may make significant changes to the pages or blog posts and you may not even know it. By monitoring page changes you keep a grip on the content.
  • Marketing plan
    This function is presented as a handy checklist. Here you can see everything that needs to be done in the marketing strategy, best practices are pointed out and you see what still needs to be done.

 Conditions for efficient use of SE Ranking

SE Ranking suitable for

Of course, this kind of software also comes with a price, even though SE Ranking is a lot cheaper than most competitors with a starting price of €31. To make this a wise investment, you will actually have to get started with SEO. So you have to make a solid plan what you want to do with it, because you have an investment to make up for. Tooling is only one part of the cost, because SEO companies just take time. Helpful tools are handy, but don't mean you don't have to worry about something anymore. So do not expect that you have completely outsourced your SEO strategy. There must also be knowledge about how SEO works and what it takes. However, you can receive some information material or even training about this from many providers, including SE Ranking.

Valuable for your SEO strategy?

SE Ranking is a so-called Full Suite solution: complete with commonly used tools for everyone. The separate functionalities work fine, but are therefore not the very best tools that exist, the so-called Best of Breed solutions. Larger companies and agencies with entire SEO teams are more likely to look at a composition of separate SEO tools. For smaller and medium-sized companies and agencies that are serious about SEO, SE Ranking offers a complete SEO suite at a competitive price. White label reporting is possible, and there is also an API, with which you can feed custom apps with targeted SEO data.

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