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I regularly speak to entrepreneurs who have tried everything to make Google easier to find, but the results? They are disappointing! If I then ask about what they have done to improve online findability, I often get the answer: "use more keywords and increase the number of backlinks". That is fine in itself, but when I ask how they have investigated whether the chosen keywords are actually being searched for and whether the online competition has been mapped, I often get a "no".

Do you recognize yourself in this? Then this article is a must read. I am going to tell you what the added value is of keyword research, why you should conduct a competition research and how you can subsequently improve your online findability.

Why a keyword research?

By researching which keywords your target audience is searching for, you gain insight into how your target audience articulate their questions in the search engines and what their online customer journey looks like. I give an example to clarify this.

Suppose you have an insulation company, then keywords such as cavity wall insulation, floor insulation and roof insulation are of course obvious, but your target group has all kinds of questions about those types of insulation. For example: what types of insulation materials are there, what are the advantages per type and what are the costs? Is a subsidy scheme possible and what is the average payback time?

With a keyword research you find out which questions your target group searches online for and how often they do that. That way you know that the keywords you want to focus on have at least potential to attract visitors to your website.

Which tools can you use for keyword research?

Keyword research tools for seo

You can provide insight into the keywords and search phrases that your target group searches for in the search engines with the help of various tools. These tools are paid, but often you can create a free account to find a limited amount of keywords. An example of a tool that can do this is SEMrush. You can also choose to advertise with Google Adwords. When you start a campaign and you have made the first click costs, you can Google keyword planner and you gain insight into the monthly search volumes for keywords. This tool also provides you with many keyword suggestions, which you may not have thought of. Very valuable!

The competition survey

With the keyword research you find out which keywords your target group is looking for, but you do not yet know whether it is feasible to achieve a position on the first page in Google for those words. That is why it is important that you conduct a competition survey. You look at various metrics. Based on the scores on those metrics, you can estimate how difficult it is to achieve good positions in the search results for certain keywords.

You guessed it: to interpret the scores on the metrics, you need expert knowledge. That is why many companies choose to outsource SEO. There are various online marketing agencies that you can contact here, see an example here:

The competition research yields a set of keywords that are searched for on the one hand and that the competition is not too strong on the other. Those keywords can then be incorporated into the website.

And then?

After you have optimized your website for the chosen keywords, you basically have a site that can be found in the search engines. But because there will always be companies that use the same keywords as you, you will have to make sure that search engines give priority to your website in the search results.

One of the best ways to do that is by collecting relevant links to your website. That means writing valuable blog articles and trying to post them on websites that are reputable in your industry. In those blog articles you create a link to your website. This way you collect votes for your website and your website gets more prestige in the eyes of the search engines. This in turn results in better positions in the search results.

Do you do online marketing yourself or outsource it?

As you will understand by now, it takes a lot to become easy to find online. Not only is it a lot of work, you will also have to invest a lot of time to gain the necessary knowledge. So consider carefully whether you want to invest your valuable time in this or whether you prefer to focus on expanding your business and decide to outsource the online marketing. Do you want to know more about the possibilities of outsourcing your online marketing, then click here.

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